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  1. Not for the weak hearted! http://safeshare.tv/w/KkkEFRtyiS
  2. "Are you sure she's fully inflated?" LOL! I'm 5'9'' and find my Draggie a joy to ride.The only problem I have is pain in my arthritic shoulder,a result of age, rather than physics I suspect!
  3. Very moving,Drewpy. Thanks.
  4. My claim to fame is having a slash in the paddock toilets and passing the time of day with Mike Hailwood at Oulton Park in the 60's!!
  5. I have a short attention span and tend not to watch vids of longer than about 3 minutes! (unless it's an exceptionally interesting one!)
  6. After what I've been was a less than successful Thundersprint on Anglesey, the 2014 event is to be held at Darley Moor in May. Once again a racing circuit with no nearby towns as in Northwich. Obviously more convenient for North West fans but will it be as good as it used to be? What do you think??
  7. Some of you in the North West may be interested in this. Every year the local rugby club organise a festival which is very well organised and appears to get better each year. This year, following our loss of the Thundersprint, they have added a motorcycle show to the Bank Holiday weekend attractions. They were going to have a three lap cavalcade of the town, but apparently got a letter claiming intellectual property rights on this and have had to cancel it. Further info is available at www.northwich-festival.co.uk
  8. I rode off to a local scooter Rally!! Well, a mate was helping organise it! Actually, there was a great atmosphere an a friendly crowd of 6 to 8 hundred. Some excellent paint jobs there as well. Now that should come pretty close to the exploding boat for taking chances?!
  9. The Motorhead one....totally brilliant!!!!!
  10. Wow! How sick can you get. Anyone with a weak heart could get into serious difficulties. I'm afraid I wouldn't be a 'good sport', I'd give the twats a slap!
  11. jont

    Thundersprint 2013

    The organiser hadn't approached Cheshire West to ask about his grant. They appeared to have been wondering where he'd got to! It's probable that in the near future the current little circuit will no longer be available due to developement in the town, although I'm sure the council would have tried very hard to find an alternative site. I would have thought that "Three Sisters" would have made a better choice of venue, and would have done a good deal. I'm going to see if Northwich can't organise some sort of Rally on the back of the Thundersprint to capitalise on the popularity of the town amongst the biker community.
  12. jont

    Thundersprint 2013

    'fraid so! Loads of comments on the Northwich Guardian website. I think Mr Melling has shot himself in the foot with this move. Northwich loved having all the bikers on their annual visit. The event had good support from Cheshire West and the town council (unusually!) and it was Policed in a very laid back way. Never any problems over the weekends and a credit to biking.
  13. Sorry to say (from a resident's point of view) that next years T/sprint will be held at the Anglesey Racing Circuit. The entrance fee for spectators has gone up from 'FREE' to £10 !
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