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  1. What got me into bikes? A cheap quick method to get from A to B thats far more economical than a car, quicker than a car through a city, costs nothing to park (in most cases) and gets me to work in just 10 minutes! I sold the car nearly a year ago and haven't regretted it in any way. Have now upgraded to something not quite so economical that puts more of a smile on my face instead... no regrets there either!
  2. That first trip out on your own is one to remember, go somewhere nice, rather than sit in heavy traffic in the middle of a town somewhere. Go out on some quiet scenic route and just get used to it, enjoy it
  3. Mark K

    Buzzy Diversion

    My Fazer buzzes as exactly 6,000rpm as well. From what I've read most divvies and fazers do. It's almost exactly 70mph in 6th. Easy solution is to drop to 5th.
  4. that is awesome, love it!
  5. on a positive note.... guess who were back together last night... Pink Floyd! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13389333
  6. Both versions are equally great, although the first is a tiny bit more entertaining
  7. Sounds like a brilliant deal! Check the small print and take it if you see no problems. I'm switching from a YBR 125 to a Fazer FZS 600 myself tomorrow... insurance for my YBR was £159/year and has just over a month left to run. The Fazer was quoted at £201 at renewal from my existing insurer and only £20 to switch policies over until that date - bargain!
  8. I use Hood Jeans), they cost about £80-£100 a pair and seem to be excellent quality, and they will do them in the length you ask for. Admittedly leather will always be the safer option, but I can wear these all day long without changing, they look like normal jeans.
  9. I did South Wales to North Devon on my YBR last year, and the return trip a few days later. This a 200 mile trip each way. Encountered no problems whatsoever other than a sore backside. It even managed it on a single tank of fuel. By car (mostly motorway) you'd be looking at a little over 3 hours. By bike it was somewhere between 6 and 7 hours due to the fact you're on much smaller roads and have a top whack of about 60-65mph. Covered 70 miles on the Sunday just passed in a single trip, again not a single hiccup, and far far cheaper than going by car.
  10. Which is exactly what happened to my first YBR ... Bike gone, I still have the front wheel!
  11. Mark K

    Gear choices

    I ride in all weather and all year round, and started off with a £60 spada textile jacket. I have now replaced this with a m-tech leather jacket. I find leather totally weatherproof (wind/rain) whereas the textile jacket would eventually soak through in the rain and make you cold and dripping wet. A major plus my leather jacket has (which you may also find in some textile jackets) is a zip out thermal liner so it's warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  12. Mark K

    Squeaking YBR125

    It's not a new bike thing, mine's an early 09 model, and started squeaking about a month ago - and I can't find it either
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