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  1. Glad to hear you got it worked out. Also good to know that if I have a similar issue to check on that.
  2. This forum rocks!! Thanks for all the info, guys. Here's a picture of mine. All appears to be well, accept for a bit of grime. I'm still going to run a mix when I first get it back up and running, and keep my eye on the oil level (hopefully) dwindling... but I'm confident that everything's going to be ok. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks again, Dave. That is super helpful. Considering that this bike was in such great shape, (aside from the usual problems from sitting for 35 years) I would have been surprised if the carb had been replaced. Mine looks just like yours in the picture. I'm guessing that was stock, and that I don't need to worry about the lack of oil input into the carb... Would you agree?
  4. Oh crap... does this mean that unless I run pre-mix, I'm gonna need to buy a new carburetor? Could you please send me a picture of which hose coming out of the casing is supposed to go into the carb? Is it this yellow-capped one on the same side as the oil IN tube? There's another one on the other side of the crankcase. EDIT: I just looked on Yamaha's website at the exploded view of the crank case, and both of these are labeled breathers... That would indicate to me that neither of them are supposed to go to the carb... Why am I so confused...? Do I have the right carb or not? Now I'm concerned....
  5. Thanks for the tip... But there's only one outlet for oil from the oil tank, and it was previously plugged right into the motor, as pictured above. Are you sure that I'm supposed to have a carb with an inlet for oil coming straight from the oil tank also? This doesn't seem to make sense... But I am by no means mechanically inclined.... Any other input? Also, great tip about running a pre-mix at first with some oil in the tank and keeping an eye on the oil level. Thanks Dave!
  6. The service manual says that a failure of the oil pump in there is very unlikely. Does this mean I really have no need to open it up and check out the functionality of it. I have no reason to believe that it is not working, and two of the heads of the screws holding that cover on are stripped, so it'd be a PITA to get in there. Comforting words like, "No, I'm sure it's fine... No need to go in there." would be appreciated.
  7. Hey everyone. This thread encouraged me to check out my motor's serial number according to the site posted above... My numbers read 443-115168. My bike's title says it's a '75. These numbers would confirm that, correct?
  8. Hey. Not to hijack this thread, but I've got some similar questions. I've got a 75 DT175, and my carb doesn't have a connection for the oil tank. Here's a picture of the carb. Instead, my oil tank goes straight into the motor via this tube here. Being a noob, my question is this: Is this right? The service manual I have seems to suggest that it is. I'm in the process of tearing everything apart and cleaning it, but I want to know before I put it all back together if the PO changed the carb or did some funky stuff that I'm gonna have to work around. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Thanks, man. I have ordered some Evap-O-rust, and I'm gonna soak the inside of the tank, and clean the petcock real well, as well as a good carb clean. I'm thinking that should get me up to speed. I'm glad I found this forum! I'm sure I'll be asking you guys all sorts of questions in the future. Happy to be a member, and meet you all! Cheers!
  10. Sweet bike, man! I just got a DT175 yesterday too! Mine's a 75. Not to hijack your thread.... Say, did you have to do any carb work or anything to get it up and running? I've got a rusty inner tank, and from the way the bike runs poorly, I'd say it needs a carb and petcock cleaning as well as the rust treatment. Was wondering if that was about standard for these older bikes... Let me know if you find a website or a way to verify year by VIN or engine serial. I'd like to check out mine too.
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