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  1. lol... they are getting worse thses jokes! what is it. do people think they are the best thing ever and ultra rare or something. i just hoped i could maybe get some interest from someone.
  2. well i was thinking more of; the point of that post is????????
  3. hi thanks for the reply. i wasnt saying its "rare" just the just seems to be alot of blue ones for sale. id like to sell and also come away with about £1500 to £2000 as i just want a cheap and cheerfull bike now.r6 are imo just for fun rides they are a stunning bike and not for to and from work rides imo. ill have a chat with some dealers but i think i will get far less than im will to take.
  4. Hi All i own an 51, (reg in 1/1/2002 though) red r6 its completly standard other than adjustable levers. ive only owned it for 8 months but i do mainly use it for work and now i just want a bandit or something of that sort, as stupid as its sounds its too good to be used just for that plus a bandit would be cheaper for parts etc..., it is a stunning bike and near perfect condition with only 13,000 miles, has full history up to 10,000 and had 3 owners. so i just wondered what sort of price could i expect to sell it for as i cant seem to find may red ones for sale. if you can give me any advice i thank you in advance.
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