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  1. I looked all over aswell, google, ask jeeves, amazon, ebay EVERYWHERE! and nothing only places i found only done them for R1's and R6's always thought you could find anything on the internet lol, but yeah i'm going to see about going to get it repaired and just buy new decals thinks its the best bet to be honest
  2. Got the same issue on my left side fairing which i have just scuffed in 2 places one of which on the decal, and the worst of it is... i was washing it ready for selling which i think tonight i'm arrangeing pick up date and time absolutely gutted and so angry with myself lol did you find any where to get fairings? or got a rough price of the fairings chrisactor?
  3. Just Ian

    yamaha yzf r 125

    Not too long ago i got my 600mile service which cost me £24 sumthng pence... but that included an £8 can of chain oil aswell, that service is free except from parts which is an oil and air filter, and oil change. I think thats what it was only what got done anyway,
  4. Had mine around 2 months now but nope not heard n e thng or had any phone calls about a recall, might look into it though and find out so cheers for that. ian
  5. Just Ian


    Thanks for all the feed back everyone its much appreciated and can understand everyones points that are being put across. And as for the bikesafe and things i'll look into them thanks
  6. Just Ian


    You aint lying about the bolt that isn't what yamaha would have used when i was paying for my service one of the mechanics came through with 2 bolts and said " i need two of that size bolt, there both fine but there not the bolts that we've been using..." i kid you not
  7. Just Ian


    When i was down getting my 600mile service i asked the guy in the parts/garage how much new side fairings were and he told me £100 plus £80 for decals so from that to £1200 is pretty steep... well if you put labour ontop of that it still couldnt be so steep a climb
  8. I remember seeing that years ago and i thought it was one of those prototypes that would never make it into production but maybe i was wrong, looks like it would be a great wee toy for the summer
  9. Just Ian

    sh*t scare!

    I'm in the same boots as you always wondered when i would finally see these idiotic car drivers out to kill us all, and last week i nearly got took off my bike by 4 of them and 2 of them really gave me the sh*ters, one of which was a guy in a work van doing atleast 50 on a 30 onto a round about that i had just sat patiantly at to get round and when i finally did i clocked him not stopping and jumped on the brakes and he eventually came to a screeching stop a meter infront of me and his face was priceless coz am sure he might have gave his car a wee smell, but i could've killed the guy myself coz that would have been me finished if i never gave it the good old life saver check
  10. Just Ian


    Thanks yeah i agree with what you say you about the courses and things, i've now been looking towards the Yamaha XJ6 and the Kawasaki ER-6N, which are now the bike of choice for me for my next bike, and controlled hooliganism sounds like i could enjoy riding a lot longer and safer so i think i'll be booking my spot on the course when the time comes. Thanks for the replys much appreciated ian
  11. Just Ian


    Thanks for the feedback much appreciated, Yeah i can understand why the thought of just going through the DAS onto a bike like an R6 from an R125 is a bit of a jump but thats just the kind of person i am not always being sensible or even realistic experience wise but still safe none the less, but i've been looking into advanced rideing courses aswell just for more knowledge and to help with bringing down the insurance just that wee bit but had mixed feedback on them, but i will look into the bandits, hornets etc but i've still got until the start of next year before i'll even start doin my DAS so got plenty of time to find what would suit me best and what i'd prefer. Thanks again ian
  12. Just Ian


    Hey, I've been looking at bikes for when i've passed my test when i've turned 21 and i'm intending on moving up to an R6 but was just wondering if anyone had any ideas wot the insurance would be like so i know whether i'm bein realistic or not in that aspect of getting a 600cc, just looking for a ball park sort of figure never minding bout puttin NCB and things into it. Just incase anyone can save me making up some details for that kind of insurance to find out for myself
  13. Just Ian

    Please Help!

    Yup, you'll need to do another CBT, and if your going to move on to a 125cc bike rather than a moped ul do it on that instead.... But Yes you need to do another CBT. ian
  14. I have the spada enforcers and i'm considering looking to buy another pair for it getting colder because i've found me getting really cold hands in the mornings although there is the times where i've found my hands getting swety can't make my mind up on how good they are and whether its worth while looking for another pair haha
  15. Hey, I've been looking and shopping around for a pair of boots to buy myself and as i'm still of that age they have to look good aswell as give me good protection so the "Puma 1000 v2" have caught my eye and just wondered if anyone here has/had a pair and what they thought of them?? I'm open to any recommendations on boots aswell. Thanks
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