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  1. Would also do the job - and include a protector. Never saw that model in any onlinshop or store so far. I will keep my eyes open. Found a review (in english) (while searching for offers with the german google...). -> http://www.webbikeworld.com/r4/spidi-h1-reflective-vest/ This is another solution with the leg pouch (non military variant): -> http://katalog.buese.com/index.php?page=product&info=2178 Greetings, Martin
  2. I hope the bar is the right place for this thread. I have got four jackets and several trousers as safety gear. Somehow the mastermind behind those clothes does not have a key to his house and he always pays using credit cards. Why I assume that? Because there is no pocket in the pants (or it's so small even a pocket watch would fall out) and/or the jacket lacks a for my wallet. So, I always have to do the same: Remove the bench, but the wallet there, but the bench back on the bike. Short stop for fuel, sth. to eat -> same procedure again. I am not the only one with that (tiny) problem, so someone in a german bulletin board posted his solution: He is using a military leg hoster (bought as »UK osprey mk 3 drop leg holster«) with an attached pouch. It is being attached using the MOLLE system. My first thought: Why not using a vest with MOLLE straps? Searching for sth. like that, I have found a lot of »load carrying vests«, »tactical vests« and some »osprey vests«. The osprey vest (mk 1 to mk 3) are inexpensive and the mk 2 and mk 3 models are at sale ~£25 to £35 (over here in germany). Is someone using an osprey vest like those (mk 3/mk 3) or a similar load carrying vest while riding? Greetings, Martin
  3. Have you checked the wiring (with a multimeter)? Maybe the switch is not the problem. Greetings, Martin
  4. Something new on my website: The integration of the google translator - as a link. From now on you can read what i wrote about my XJ 600 S (aka Seca II) by simply clicking on the tiny flag on the right side. -> www.600ccm.info - Saisonende 2012: Ab ins Winterquartier -> after clicking on the flag Once clicked you can visit all the other pages and the google translator will translate all of it. I have to wait until the 1st of april until I can ride again -> so I had some time to integrate that on my website. Greetings from Germany
  5. One year has passed by so quickly. I am still riding the XJ 600 S. She took me to Austria (frequently ), Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy so far. Two pictures taken 3rd of october 2012: Greetings from Germany, Martin
  6. My ex-band "Headless Beast" have applied as an opener for a festival in the south of germany. It is well known, a few names who has played the stage over the last years: Deep Purple, Motörhead, Dio, Hammerfall, W.A.S.P., Pretty Maids, Scorpions, Demons & Wizards, Saxon, Rage, Dee Snider, Judas Priest, Savatage, Stratovarius, Megadeth, ... My friends in the band would be honored to play where those bands have played before. The voting takes place online and will run until midnight of the 14th. If you like "Headless Beast" -> please just vote. A little annoying: You must enter an e-mail address. There will be no spam, they just want to check that the voting is real and no one will vote more than one time. From the facebook page of the band: As an example of how they sound live: Greetings, Martin
  7. The oil light should come up when you turn the key on the position »ignition«. It will turn dark if there is enough oil - or if the sensor thinks that... You can see the oil through the glass? Then there should be enough inside of your XJ 600. Greetings, Martin
  8. I would love to have the original look back. Just yellow (»reddish yellow coctail 1« - that's what Yamaha calls it). We will see. First the other stuff (no more rust, stainless steel break lines, etc.). Tears a little hole in my budget. Yes, the ybrfreun.de website is still online and will be online. I get a lot of visitors from all over the world. Also some nice e-mails from time to time telling me my text/pictures have been helpfull. But: Still no forum there. There are enough of them allready on the internet. Grüße, Martin
  9. Hello! I just have noticed that I did not introduce myself while owning a YBR 125. So it's time to say hello after chainging the motorcycle. Since a few weeks the YBR 125 is gone. She's got replaced by a '95 XJ 600 S Diversion. The Diversion needs a lot of tlc. I bought her from the first owner and she was standing in a barn for the last 4 or 5 years, only being taken out for approx. 500 km - in those 4 or 5 years. Rust here, need of replacement of other parts there - but very cheap. Unfortunatly the previous owner was not only doing less in the last years - he was also doing a little too much in the first years. He took a brush and some red paint and made a very unique XJ 600 S out of her: Simply click on the pictures to enlarge them The last picture in the row is a german »Fahrzeugbrief«. Positive sideffect: It does not matter where I leave her and how many other motorcycles are around. I always see her on first sight. Another side effect: People tell me what comes to their head when they see her. A german parcelservice, a fast food franchise... And they suggest that if I will decide to offer her online I should take some more backlight pictures and use only them... The fight against the rust has already begun. I hope she will last some more years and will carry me around in the south of germany and other regions. Greetings, Martin
  10. X_FISH

    YBR 125 Air Box

    Can you make a picture of the spot where you think something ist missing and post it? Greetings, Martin
  11. Has the voltage been checked? Maybe the voltage regulator is defunct and the whole net gets more than 14 volts. That could be dangerous for the control unit, too. Have you bought cheap bulbs or brands? Greetings, Martin
  12. Not necessary. The YBR 125 already runs on 12 volt - always. Greetings, Martin
  13. @Jams: It should be socket BA20d. But I never bought a new bulb for the original headlight (switched to H4 headlight). I have read that it should be socket BA20d in a bulletin board. @Jams & Richard_ps3: I also had a flickering light. I dismantled the headlight, cleaned the contacts and put it back together. No flickering until I switched to the H4 headlight). Greetings, Martin
  14. Has there been any accident? Does it slip out? Maybe the claws have been damaged somehow. Greetings, Martin
  15. It can happen. Approx. 15'000 km with H4 (55/60) and original wiring -> no problems. It was not my YBR but the YBR of a german owner. So it seems to be okay. Like already mentioned I have used separate (new) wiring for my conversion to H4. Comment of a friend riding a FZ6: »A lot better than before«. Greetings, Martin
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