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  1. hi, i have for sale my 1989 yamaha fzr 600 genisis, it is in reasonable condition for age but there is something wrong with the gearbox so i am selling as spares or repair, engine starts first time everytime and did run very well untill the gearbox packed up recently, this could make somone a fantastic first big big if a little money is spent to put it right, it has mot until january i think and tax till febuary, im looking for about £400 which i think is a reasonable price but i am open to offers, the bike has only just had front fork seals and brake pads replaced, oil, oil filter and spark plug change aswell and a new battery not so long ago. if oyu are interested please feel free to pm me.


  2. Hey all. I just bought a 1995 FZR600 and I've noticed that the clutch tends to slip when you get on the throttle harder in 3,4,5 gear. If you're accelerating normally and fast it's fine but when you throw it down it slips. I just got the oil changed today (Yamalube 20w-50) and it's still slipping. The clutch cable is set up to engage pretty late so I'm going to adjust the cable to engage midway and give it some slack. The bike needs a new fork seal and with this clutch thing, I'm assuming wheelies were done with this bike. It might just be the weather too. When I test drove it, it was in the 60's but I'm not sure how hard I pushed the bike. Today I rode it all over but it was CHILLY - 50's and WINDY!!

    So now, if the cable thing doesn't do anything, and weather doesn't seem to be a factor, what's my next move? New friction plates and springs? How much is that going to run??

    hi mate, i have a 1989 model fzr 600 genisis, i dont no if your bike is doing exactly the same but when i engine is cold the clutch will slip in any gear until up 2 running tempreture, i have been advised that the fzr has a slipper clutch so it shouldnt be to much to worry about, if its happening after the bike is up to tempreture then i would have though you would need new friction plates. hope this helps.

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