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  1. Thanks everyone - good advice as always will look into all the suggestions and maybe have a look if anyone back home in Blighty ships stuff out here to Greece. Thanks again everyone Mike
  2. just read fahren account of his accident and am truly glad to hear he is ok ( see topic Gutted but Glad ).It set me thinking - when I 1st got my bike I promised myself I would get the right gear to wear but never did. I live in a country where i don't even have to wear a lid but ALWAYS do. My question to you all is what is the best gear to buy for a country where the weather is regularly in the 40's (damn Hot) . What would you recommend Boots upwards remembering my pockets are not bottomless. Mike
  3. I have a XVS 650 Dragstar classic. When I apply the front brakes at slow speed they are very snatchy and I come to a stop in jerky movements. I took it to a mechanic and said I thought the brake disc needed changing - he tested the brake disc and said no it was fine. Neither myself nor the mechanic can think of what could be causing this problem - he has now said he is going to take the wheel from another dragstar and try it on my bike to see what happens. Just wondering if any of you can think of anything that could be causing this. Thanks Mike
  4. Hello mate , Welcome to the group, I am new myself and also have 650 dragstar classic - Fab. bike I'm sure you'll love it.
  5. Hope you had a great time - I have been to zakynthos many times as i used to live just over the water on the mainland. Now I have moved up to northern Greece. Next time try some of the islands up here, I think they are much nicer - try Thassos next time it's great and we could even meet up for a coffee as my wife and I are always over there. Mike
  6. Sorry to hear that mate - Glad you weren't hurt too bad.
  7. mykeee1880

    New Bike

    Just bought myself a new set of wheels - A Yamaha XVS650 classic Decided to go for the chopper look over the plastic coated ballistic missile Was a choice between this or an 883 Sportster - I think I made the right choice Mike
  8. mykeee1880


    Will watch for all those things you mentioned but I am concerned about something I've been reading on the net about gearing probs http://www.allworldauto.com/comments/2000_...916-2000-1.html Will have to try and get in touch with ttaskmaster to see if he has any thoughts - thanks again goff hope you enjoy the 950 the pics look sweet
  9. That was a bit too scary for me - i'm sure i'll have nightmares tonight - lol
  10. mykeee1880


    thanks for the welcome goff - any hints about what to watch out for on buying a second hand 650 classic
  11. mykeee1880


    Thanks oldgitonabike - Loved your quote about friendship and trouser pissing - brought me a smile this morning
  12. mykeee1880


    Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to introduce myself - My name is Mike and I am a Scotsman living in Greece for the last 9 years or so (long Story) I am just about to sit my bike test over here and am about to buy a Dragstar 650 in the next few days ( am in the final haggling stages now) Sure I will have lots of questions for you all soon enough Mike
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