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  1. My 82 Seca 650 is a cafe racer!!!

  2. UPDATE: Ok, I found front forks from a 750 Maxim of unknown year but it had the same tire and duel front brakes and I make it fit on the fron of my 82 SECA. It's a cafe racer now with clubman bars. I had to make a bracket for the headlight bracket to attach to the frame but it's coming along. Another bike saved from the salvage yard.
  3. Will the forks off a 82 XJ650 Maxim fit onto a xj650 SECA?
  4. Here's the problem guys. I wrecked my bike and the insurance company is screwing me. So I am going to have to take my bike and fix it. I have found everything I need except front forks. If I can't find forks then I want to replace it with one from another bike. So I need some advice... please help me guys, I love this bike. Agrippakc Overland Park KS
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