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  1. Nope, no bearing - just the rounded end of the rod acts as a bearing. I was hoping to avoid taking my other bikes clutch apart to see the rod in it - but I'm almost curious enough to do it. I can email the schematic if you want to see it. By the way...sorry about your bike - hope you get it back.
  2. Yes, the push rod is in 2 parts, but the schematic shows no ball between them. Instead, the end of the long push rod is rounded to fit into a depression on the short one to allow spinning. I still suspect the long rod somehow got damaged - it is flat on the sprocket side end, and I think it is supposed to be rounded there as well... I scanned the page from the service manual but can't seem to paste it into this window - it shows no bearing between the rods.
  3. I have adjusted the adjusting screw all the way in and it still won't move far enough to move pressure plate. I even took the push lever axle out to check it, and it seems fine as well....
  4. I pulled the pressure plate and used a magnet to pull long rod out. There is no bearing between the 2 rods. The long rod is flat on the lever end - is this correct? The rods move when the lever is moved forward, but not far enough to release pressure on clutch plares? Could my rod be too short from wear?
  5. I guess I'll have to. I already have the tranny drained and the cover off..
  6. After looking for a while for a 6v headlight for my old DT's - I found that the NAPA store at the corner sells them. #4020 is the common number - NAPA's number is - LMP4020 - list price is @ $29.00. My local store sold me 2 for $43.00! My Yam dealer wanted $73.00 for one.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, but couldn't figure out how it could happen. An way to check without cracking the cases open? I just got it running after 2 days of cleaning out a mouse nest in the air cleaner, cleaning the carb, and cleaning all the coil and flywheel surfaces. It almost took my leg off(decompression valve didn't engage - had to pull the cable by hand - will fix next) but it fired up and sounds strong! This is my third resto on the '74 360 and I've never had this clutch problem....
  8. I have 2 1974 DT 360's. The clutch won't engage on one of them I am restoring. The lever on the engine bottom moves freely - almost too easily, like it is not engaging the push rod. I have the clutch cover off and see no movement when the lever is pulled forward. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks or the help. You are correct, the horn doesn't work either. It must be a faulty ground or fuse-link. The way the lights/horn stopped working so suddenly..... Roger
  10. Is there a fuse in the battery line?
  11. Yes, neither one works. They stopped suddenly. Battery is new. Lighting coil works fine for the headlight.
  12. Thanks - I'll give it a try. Never had a problem since the restoration last year....
  13. I have a '74 Dt360A which was restored last year. Suddenly, the turn signals and tailight stopped working. Any suggestions?
  14. I have a '74 Dt360A which was restored last year. Suddenly, the turn signals and tailight stopped working. Any suggestions?
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