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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice, just wd40ed all the terminals and looked at the voltage regulator, on one of the terminals from the vr, there was a pin that looks in bad condition - I wded this and tried a bump start - the bike started staight away. Left the bike on idle for 10 minutes and it now starts fine. All good for now.
  2. I should have mentioned when I try to start the bike the rev counter clock starts moving all over the place
  3. Thanks for the info. Is there an easy way of checking this before buying a new regulator? At present there is no battery left, if I were to charge it separately would this mean the bike would then start? I bought the bike a few months ago as I had not ridden for years, The plan was to buy a new bike over the summer holidays (the fz cost £400 so I dont want to spend loads on it when I was planning on ebaying it next week). Otherwise ill just put it up as a non runner. Thanks Steve
  4. Two nights ago I was riding down the motorway when all of a sudden the bike starts backfiring and slowing down. I get to the side of the road and it will not turn over, the battery was almost dead in the morning so I bump started. There is an electrical sound coming from under the saddle when I try to start it up, checked the fuses but they are ok. Battery dead now but will not bump start - any ideas?
  5. Thanks for all the replies, I have taken of the lower fairing for now - it doesnt look like an original fairing anyway and the connections on the fairing near the oil cooler are also missing. I will either look for a new lower section or for a different fairing.
  6. My 1987 fz600 has developed cracks on the top fairing (where it joins onto the middle section), on the right hand side a piece has broken away where the two parts fix together. I think its developed due to the middle section missing fixings to the frame (by the exhaust) and the fairing rattling around. Whats the best way to fix the plastic? Some friends have suggest epoxy resin? I originally bought the bike with a view to junking the fairing and turning it into a street fighter however I kind of like the fairing. Does anyone have any pictures of the fz without the fairing? Any ideas on a good headlight re the street fighter option? Thanks
  7. Found one possible solution: The oil has been leaking from the chamshaft seal and dripping over the exhaust. The bike has been overheating due to very little oil left. Looks like oil is leaking from the bottom of the oil cooler as well. Does anyone know where I can find the oil seal? It looks an easy fix but I looked at memoto and cant find this particular part. Also looking for a lower fairing section as well Thanks
  8. Help, I've had the 1987 fz600 for a couple of months now, its always run a little hot but i have noticed a big change in heat. There is steam coming from under the tank and the engine is red hot. Even the fairing is very hot to the touch after a run down the motorway. Any ideas? I have just started biking again after 8 years and i dont remember any bikes running this hot before. I believe the engine is air cooled, looks pretty dirty around the top of the engine, not leak onto the floor but oil present around the top. Also thr oil light keeps coming on, I filled it up with oil again last week and its coming back on already. Steve
  9. thanks for the address, they have the indicator lens as well, sorted. Now I just need to find a better place to leave the bike. School car park is too tempting for not so little hands me thinks.
  10. I came out from work to find my fz600 lying on its side. Clutch lever broken and indicator smashed, Anyone know a good place for parts? Only just returned to biking last week.
  11. khayman

    hello everyone

    Just joined the forum today and wanted to say hello to everyone. I just came back to riding after a few years break, I picked up an old 87 FZ600 on ebay last week. Not bad condition considering the year.
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