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  1. Aaronc

    XS400E Carbs

    Hey drewpy, Sorry for the delay, just to explain the randomness in questions a little bit...my father in-law is helping me with the bike (at his request). He is pretty handy, but very strange...and old...and German. Long story short, I went out to take some photos the other day and the carbs had been put back together (without the new main nozzles). He insisted it would be ok, and we put it back on the bike. It seems to be working ok for the moment, but I am not getting a spark on the left side. It seems to be the coil, which is my best guess. This thing looks ancient, and I have read they can be replaced fairly easily with aftermarket coils. Is this true? Again, I appreciate any help. Aaron I am trying to figure out how to add a photo to this topic, and when I do, I will post a pic of the coil in question.
  2. Aaronc

    XS400E Carbs

    Thanks for the reply drewpy, Ok..let me say, I am trying to use the names that are in the manual which isn't an exact match to what was on the rebuild kit box. The Haynes Manual calls this piece "Needle Jet (main nozzle)" It says that you unscrew the main jet and push out the needle jet. There did not appear to be a head that would fit a screw driver on either side. Other than this part of the process, the rest of the rebuild was not that difficult. Thoughts? Oh ya...left side.
  3. Aaronc

    XS400E Carbs

    I haven't been on the forum in a while. I have been in the process of rebuilding my carbs. Everything was going ok, until I got to the main jet, which I could not figure out how to remove. The manual said it could be pushed out....I couldn't make that work. In the process of trying to get it out one of the arms that hold the float snapped. Does anyone know a place that sells whole carbs, rebuilt? I found what I think is a match on eBay, but it doesn't appear to be rebuilt. Any ideas? I appreciate any help I can get. Aaron
  4. Hey drewpy, thanks for the link. Its probably just me not knowing exactly what I'm looking for, but I could not find anything on that site.
  5. I need to rebuild or replace the carburetor and am having a hard time finding the a kit or anything. Any suggestions? I just found this on eBay - 78 yamaha xs 400 carburetor set 77 mikuni kogyo xs400 - Anyone know if that would work?
  6. Ok Jim, so I have everything working but the only way I could get the clutch to catch 100% was to leave the one shorter screw un-tightened. So I'm sure that it will start working its way out. Any ideas? Thanks, Aaron
  7. Well, I found the bolts using the dimensions you provided. It amazes me what the employees at these "Bike Shops" don't know. I am going to get it all put back together this afternoon (or attempt). Thanks again Aaron
  8. Thanks all for the responses. Thanks for the bolt dimensions Jim, they are not even listed in the repair manual I bought. I went to a few hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot)...and they don't carry the lengths that I need. I am going to give the eBay idea a shot. ....Jim, I just realized you have answered a question I hadn't even asked yet (you are good). The clutch adjuster at the handle bar has always been "off". In order for the clutch to work like it should I had to adjust it to the point is was not quite attached to the handle bar...so the cable was always being pulled at an angle, which I am sure is why it had snapped previously. (not sure if I explained that right) ..but to clarify...I need to adjust it at the bottom while I hold in the clutch?
  9. I bought a 1980 XS400 (or 400XS) a year ago...while on the road my clutch cable snapped, it was then that I noticed that the casing is held in by some Allen Head bolts. It appears that there should be 6 or so, I only had 2 left. I have looked everywhere I can think of and can not find any info on these missing bolts. I am not an expert, but it seems that the casing being bolted on properly has something to do with the clutch catching. Any help? Aaron
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