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  1. My 2p's worth.

    I always said I would never buy a bike with ABS. My main bike now only comes with ABS so I bit the bullet. I can't say I really think about the fact it has ABS. I did have an issue with the brakes, they kept going spongy. I just tied an elastic band around the break lever and throttle to keep the brake on for a couple of days and it has been fine since. Mind you, all of that technology didn't stop me from getting caught by a mobile speed camera 3 days after picking the bike up - I should have chosen the "radar" option!

    My car has keyless opening, push start, electric handbrake and a whole host of other err..... stuff that I don't know how to operate. I love the keyless bit, My key just sits in my pocket and I can lock, unlock, start and drive it. I wasn't sure of the electric handbrake at first. I have left the handbrake off and got out of the car once but it operates automatically when the car is switched off. and disconnects when I pull away.

    All a far cry from bikes with cable disk brakes or cars with no servo and only one brake circuit.

    All that said, you can't beat oldskool.

  2. I am still around John, I just don't tend to post.

    Sold the FZ-8, sold all the RD400's even sold the Suzi TS250. Still have the YA-6 and brought a new Duke Scrambler Full Throttle last year - it had it's first annual service last week.

    Just pushed for time at the moment.



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  3. Wantsead Flats is in East London (Manor Park E12) Slice. I guess the City of London Cemetery? Down to London then hit the North Circ. Easiest is come off at the Redbridge roundabout, It is only a few minutes from there.

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  4. 17 hours ago, blackhat250 said:

    Hey Newman outa hibernation ,,, :welcome:

    Not until June, John. I can't wait until we get real global warming haha. The workshop is half full of firewood for the fire.

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  5. Great points! I have taken the video down for now.. 

    It's hard for me to explain to people who live within the 'law', about how I do not. But I do not. ( Fully taking on your points about not hiding speedo ect..) 

    But the 'Law' is jurisdiction and jurisdiction mean for someone to say the law. These 'laws' are just claims of ownership over people, by a few people.. slavery if I'm being blunt. I do not subscribe to Government or any of the statues/acts they try and impose on me. I am a sovereign being and can ride my bike / drive my car / travel any mean how, as long as I do not infringe on anyone else's rights. 

    I used to live in fear but now do not. Your not wrong about getting caught though! Must become more sneeky.. 




    You say "...I do not subscribe to Government or any of the statues/acts they try and impose on me...." so I guess you ride a bike with no licence, insurance tax or MOT then?

    You are entitled your your opinion but here is mine: what a load of old B0110cks. Without the fabric of the law, and rules, we would all have to survive in a lawless world. 

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  6. You may struggle to register it given the info, there is/was a plug in road kit available for these that is plug and play.

    No disrespect to your Yammie mate but call Yamaha UK head office. They have a team who may be able to shed some light on the bike and VIN. They may even be able to give you a dating letter (at a cost) which you will need to register it if you haven't got a reg number.  Expect to pay import duty if you have no NOVA and need to re register it.

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