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  1. Where's the sun?

  2. 2 RD or not 2 RD. That is the question.

  3. I have to get to work on the YA-6 and finish it. The RD400 is waiting now!

  4. What a dilema - YA6 or RD400 to restore first?

  5. I still need another main bike. What should I go for?

  6. I need another main bike. Don't know what to look for!

  7. Why does 2 stroke smell so darn good in the sunshine?

  8. What smells better; day old kebab fingers or burning 2 stroke oil?

  9. Ready to start the YA project. Spray the TS exhaust. put off the engine rebuild. Service the SV. Make time for non bike things.

  10. Anyone for Squires?

  11. Anyone for a kebab?

  12. I'm a wasted rock ranger, I live a life of danger.....

  13. I'ma wasted rock ranger, Ilive a life of danger....

  14. I wanna know..............have you ever seen the rain......

  15. When are those parts arriving from the U.S?

  16. Why are oranges, orange?

  17. Harvester was busy. I had o go to Pizzahut.

  18. I am off to Harvester for a Sunday (late) lunch

  19. Where is the sun?

  20. Stilly cold and wet........come on summer. Where are you!!!

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