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    Buying a Bike unseen

    Have you any paperwork which said it would come registered in the UK? If you do, and it didn't, you can reject the item using the sales of goods act. It doesn't matter about the 5 minute warranty they may have offered, it has to be "as described". You can register it yourself and the process will depend on what paperwork you have and how old the bike is. Don't forget to say hello in the new members section as people who do generally get better replies to their posts.
  2. And a Happy Birthday from me.
  3. DirtyDT

    Tapatalk app

    The site is being updated and this has caused a few teething troubles. One of these appears to be Tapatalk. I am having the same issues and the site owner is aware. To bypass this in the short term use the site via your phone browser. It looks very good on my iPhone. It may take a little while to get everything sorted whilst keeping such an active site going so please bear with us. Cheers.
  4. DirtyDT

    Site changed

    Tapatalk seems to be down too. It renders well on my pc and phone. I like the clean, fresh, look of it.
  5. DirtyDT

    Site changed

    Top of the page, on the right. Look at the text "More" (next to new Content), click and pick "online Users"
  6. DirtyDT

    Site changed

    I am here. I got locked out initially. It looks like Alex has been working on the site as it seemed down most of the day.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. Start a new thread in the workshop with your woes and I am sure the guys here will help sort it out. Check out the workshop sections and, if you like a little 2 stroke, the rally/ride out section (Squires).
  8. They do seem to be harder to bleed nowadays grouchie. I brought a pump bleed kit but it was rubbish - wasn't cheap either.
  9. Is it on a NOVA? Lights would depend on if you are going for a full MOT or a daylight one.
  10. Boil them in a lemon juice (jif) and water mix - use an old saucepan. Don't leave them too long and wash in plenty of cold water as the lemon will eventually eat the alloy. Finish off with some WD40 and a cloth.
  11. Hi and welcome. I have moved your post out of the help section so more people will see it.
  12. DirtyDT

    Big bike time!

    The old ZXR's are great, never ridden a 400 but the 750 was cracking. This is my old SV, sold about 2 years ago for about a grand I think.
  13. DirtyDT

    Big bike time!

    On a budget. The Suzi Sv is the best bike for little bucks, in my opinion. I had a curvy ('02) it was a great bike. The V twin engine is great.
  14. Just water to wash it. I wouldn't pressure hose or air blast it.
  15. Got to agree with slice, based on what you said.
  16. I have never fitted one but I wouldn't expect them to be too hard to fit. "Easy to swap" I would guess that would depend on your definition of easy, your level of mechanical skill and your range of tools. I can't recall seeing lots of post from people who have struggled to fit them.
  17. Sorry I don't know. Give them a call. There are also a number of company's who will make exhausts and at that price I would be looking for a fully stainless complete system.
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