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  1. My thoughts If this is correct then any re-sit should not apply as you have a car licence for more than 2 years. I got stopped a few years ago for 81 in a 50. I tried to negotiate the 81 to 79 but they were not having it. At court I got 3 points and £40. I said "Thanks very much". What you get depends on the mood of the judge, they get the minimum and maximum for each offence. Some people say that what you actually get depends on if they had burnt toast for breakfast or they had been recently caught buggering young boys, again - Allegedly. Good luck anyway.
  2. After picking my project bike on Saturday, 2 trips to Halfords and with a lot of help form some of you forum guys I was ready to kick the bike over. I bled the oil pump as suggested. At this time I noticed that the pipe from the pump to the carb was split so I cut the end off and refitted this. There still seems to be a pin hole in this so added to my very long list of things to do. I am not sure if I need to take the crankcase off or if the metal junction attached to the crankcase is just a pull off and I can refeed a new pipe from the top. Anyone know please? I fitted the fuel cable and was ready for liftoff. A splash of fuel in the tank and as I was putting some tools to one side I noticed that there was petrol dripping from the fuel tap side of the tank. Ah me thinks, the fuel tap is loose. Nope there is a slight leak in the seam somewhere. Another thing to add to my list. I will clean the tank and see if it can be repaired but there was a cheap one on e-hay the other day. I don't know how long the bike had not been running as the previous owner brought it and did nothing with it. I brought it as a non runner. I kicked it over a few times with no result so a drop of fuel in the back of the carb. A few more kicks and brooooom of she went. The choke was out and there is no exhaust or air filter on it but she was racing like on a very fast tickover. So happy as can be with a growing list of things to do. All costing money Once again thank you to all who have given me advice so far on the forum on different threads. I will recipricate if I can. My next job is to find out exactly what the bike is. This may help me buying the right bits for it. (Don't you just hate ordering a bit. It turns up and you get excited, then it doesn't fit the bike?) This has confused me a lot as I brought it as a DT175MX. The logbook doesn't say much. registered March 1981 and is on a W plate, 171cc, engine and frame start 2K4. It has the tubular swing arm, 5 wire coil and 6 wire CDI. The oil tank is on the kick start side and it has the side panels that have 3 push in rubber mounts. I have put two pics below. Thanks guys!!
  3. Cheers. I have a spark.
  4. Witha sooty plug. I would say rich. Is the carb sucking in too much fuel at idle which is killing the engine. I also agree that it could be a vacumm. The compression sucks hard enough at revs but at idle it starves itself. Will it tick over without a fuel cap on it? I had an XT wich had the opposite. ran fine and started from hot but if you left the fuel tap on when cold it would not start.
  5. That is the plan for later today. The front pipe I have was not connected to the cylinder so not only no silencer, no exhaust at all. I have good neighbours (at least at the moment). Just a quick start. Thanks
  6. Impressive. I would be too worried to do anything like that with mine at the moment.
  7. Hi Alex, V nice. A little better than my one. As well as the experts here I am using this as a reference. It does not seem 100% but better than nothing. USA Yamaha link
  8. I got swine flu and now I am as happy as a pig in s**t. And tax free.................. so far!
  9. Cheers. I have taken the cover off and there was some 2 stroke oil in the bottom of the case. I have cleaned it all out and made sure that I could undo the bled screw, which was fine. So I will do what you suggested and open the cable manually. I can also check for 2 stroke leaks at the same time. I will kick the bike over a few times with the spark plug out and the throttle fully open to get the 2 stroke as close to the carb as possible. There is no fuel in it so this will also prime the carb for petrol. I can use an old plug in case it floods as I brought a new one today. That you for the advice. I have just been out and kicked the bike over. Now that I have cleaned the terminals and earths I got a nice fat spark at the plug. Well happy
  10. "The reason I got married in white was so I matched all of the other kitchen appliances."
  11. Hi Cynic, My aim is to put it back on the road as a street legal bike. I have the logbook which shows the reg number. There is no ignition or front lights and no silencer. The tyres are "not for highway use" and no horn, chain guard/tensioner nor clocks. The frame has been drilled about 2 inches back from the hole which holds the front of the shock in the frame. I guess that this was to raise the bike but the original hole is there so that is an easy job. and this is what I know so far looking at it for the first time.. The frame and engine numbers match and there seems to be a good compression. A nice labour of love but first things first so I will check the spark tonight, get the 2 stroke oil bled through tomorrow and get the tank connected to the carb and see if it runs. Gulp
  12. Oh yes!! I am keen to start it but need to check everything on the bike first. Thanks
  13. Thanks for this. The kill switch was connected but I have disconnected that. I have cleaned up all of the connections to the CDI (the CDI was not connected when I got it) and earths that I need and with a new plug and it sounds like I have a spark. There is no 2 stroke oil in it or fuel pipe so I will need to get these. I may have to wait until it gets dark and then kick it over with the plug out but earthed to see if I am right about the spark. Thanks for the information so far. I sent my other half and her kids off to the pictures so I can get some time with the bike. I only brought it yesterday and love it. Non starter and rough as old boots or not. Cheers but I am sure that I will be asking more questions in the future. Bad wiring pictures below
  14. By butchered I mean that the bike has been used off road and no battery no, presumibly a total loss system? There is no headlight and a lot of the wiring is connected by connector blocks. The frame starts 2k4 (The frame and engine numbers are matching) As per the picture I have Green, Yellow, Brown, Red/White and Black coming from the Mag. The orange appears to run to the CDI which has 2 sets of 3 wires. Brown, Black and White/Red and Orange, Black/White and Black. The Orange wire appears to go to the coil which has 1 LV wire. If I put a 6v tester to the mag and earth and kick over there is power from the mag from the Brown wire. The rest appear not to be producing power but this may be down to a bad connection. I cant really test for a spark as I need to shhot out to get a spark plug spanner as I don't have one but should I be getting any juice from anything but the brown? Thanks
  15. I do have the 6 wires from the CDI bunched into 2 sets of 3. All I need now is to work out what I need to connect as the wiring is butchered.
  16. The one I brought today has a 5 wire also I have just posted in another thread to see if someone can help me out with the wiring.
  17. Hi, This is my first post so nice to meet you all. I need some help with a DT175mx (I think. 1981 and the frame starts with2k4). The bike has no battery and someone has wired it so it runs with a total loss system. I have seen some online wiring diagrams however my bike seems to have more wires than the diagrams. The wires from the crank look like this The coil looks like this and the CDI (I dont know if this is right). looks like this I would assume that the green wire from the crank goes to the coil but what about earths etc??? Thanks.
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