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  1. If they are not leaking then change the fluid as most brake fluids are hygroscopic (they absorb water) and over time this makes them less efficient. You could also try a braided hose.
  2. Looking at a blank page and trying to log in Paul. I guess Alex had a few fixes to do?
  3. As above. Sometimes size does matter.
  4. DirtyDT


    I am getting error 2203.
  5. Not really. You knock the frame ones out from the opposite side and the lower on on the triple tree normally can be levered up and off with a decent screwdriver.
  6. You don't normally need any special tools. Often getting the forks apart and the seals out can be troublesome.
  7. The site has recently had to be upgraded and there are a few teething issues, which are being sorted. Membership is one and Alex is aware. Please bear with it.
  8. Sorry to hear this. This may be work that needs to be completed since the recent update. I will Let the owner know.
  9. The site has been updated so this should work. Log in and click on your name - at the red arrow. Click Profile. Click the button on the picture. Pick your option and the rest is simple. Please read the accepted file types and size by the button. That should do it!
  10. DirtyDT

    Site changed

    You might need to update your browser, Java, shockwave or flash on the old pc. XP hasn't been supported by Microsoft for a while now and it will become increasingly open to virus' and the likes.
  11. To sign up for buying and selling just click the store tab at the top of the page. There should be a few options and being a paid member normally allows to access to other paid member sections.
  12. DirtyDT

    Site changed

    Anyone noticed if Paul has been on since the change?
  13. The old gits club is not a bad club to belong to. I've been a member for years.
  14. Hi and welcome to the forum. A great first post.
  15. Got to add, Hi and welcome to the forum. Don't forget to tell us if you have any bike experience but I am guessing you are a bit of a biking newbie. You said email, did you get my PM message?
  16. If it was me, I would fit a Trail Tech one LINKY
  17. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  18. When you open the site unvalidated is there 3 boxes with something like: resend email, change email and something else? can you use the change email button to resend the validation link to a working email? Did you try gmx.co.uk to create an email and then use the above button to receive it?
  19. Create a free account at gmx.co.uk Use that to change your email address.
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