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  1. Hi Ive got a dt125r and ive been getting coolant leaking from the expansion tank ive ive finally found out the problem Ive again drained the system and bled the system but what is happening is I checked it this morning before i went to work and the rad was full and the expansion tank was between the levels But tonight before i left work i checked again and about 3/4 of a pint had come from the rad and was in the expansion tank anyone got any ideas what the problem is Thanks Mark
  2. Please look at your other post Regards Mark
  3. Hi Sorry no picture but i hope this helps Going into the speedo is a four pin connecting block. There are 4 wires going into the block and only 3 wires coming out the speedo side. Just find the Green/Black wire going into the block, clip it to separate it from the block, and strip the end and join a small piece of wire to it (long enough to to join to an earth on the frame). When the Green/Black wire is earthed to the frame this stops the YPVS from retarding over 7000 RPM. The engine should rev freely now. the best site to you get info from and where i took this from is http://www.dtr125.net/tuningf.htm Regards Mark
  4. Hi Tony Thanks for the reply ive just found out the the valve on my bike isnt opening till 7k Thanks mark
  5. Hi Ive got a DT125r 1998 and when i turn on the ignition the powervalve moves freely and lines up with the hole in the casing however when i start the bike its moved about 2cm clockwise and just stays there even when i rev it high it doesnt move . Thanks Mark
  6. YEAH i will back him up on that he does look old hahaha but hes a top guy !!!! Regards Mark
  7. Hi Jim Your very welcome for the comments ......you deserve it all !! I will send you a message regarding the tyre sizes i forgot to do it Regards Mark Ps i still cant find where that leak is coming from hahahahah
  8. I just had to tell you what a great guy he is. After posting my problems on here I've had quite a few responses and good advice from other members and they have been very helpful and i totally have appreciated it. But JimR has gone that extra mile .....or should i say 160 miles. He came to me today and started stripping down my bike pinpointed the problems and got straight to work putting them right for me he certainly knows his stuff! It shows what a true gent we have on this forum and he is a credit to the Yamaha owners club. Thanks again Jim Mark
  9. Hi Jim Thats brilliant and so good of you to offer I will send you a private message with my address and contact details I think its about 25 miles from good old swidon lol And yes its where they produce some good local ale !!!!! Thanks again and looking forward to meeting you and your help Mark
  10. Hi Jim Thant would be so good of you............... thank you Unfortunatly i work on a saturday as i work in retail so no way of getting off for the day however if you meant Saturday you could always come to where i work (Marlborough) I actually live in Devizes i just put swindon as its the closest big town i wasnt sure if people would have heard of Devizes Thanks again Mark
  11. Hi Jim If im sat on it its to my left....just behind the foot rest its coming from a hole in the bottom of the frame and above that there is a pipe running into it from the expansion tank It takes about 5-10 mins for the temp gauge to get half way No there is no white steaks on the cylinder i have to top up the rad bout once a week but only have to put in about a cup full I will try to list all i can but im not sure what will help you or not Cheers Mark
  12. Hi Jim You may need to help me out................what other info would help? Thanks Mark
  13. Hi Jim Ive done that with the rad and there was water movement and the gear box oil is a good colour But after i gave it a run today the temp gauge stayed a half way ..................which is where it normally stays ??????? so i cant understand it ....but there is still coolant dripping from the frame left hand side next to footrest but its only a little. However the bike is still jerking more so when i turn of the revs when im slowing down a little Thanks Mark
  14. Hi Cynic Thanks alot i will fill it out.........i have noticed that this is a good forum ive been on others and i do find that you can get a sensible reply to a question here................. Best wishes Mark
  15. Hi Cynic I think your totally right......... unfortunatly im just starting out with the mechanical side of things so its all new to me so im just trying to find out the best things to try. Thanks Mark
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