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    2001 Yamaha XT600E Previous Bikes: 2002 Yamaha DT125R 1994 Yamaha TTR250 1989 Yamaha DT125R 1991 Honda NSR125-RK 1991 Honda CG125 1981 Honda CG125 1982 Yamaha DT50MX

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    http://www.dtr125.co.uk http://www.xt600e.co.uk
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  1. Hi, I just tried to login to this forum using Firefox Web-browser and after using the login page it said the usual "please wait etc...." but then when the page came up it still said Login/Register in the red bar???? I'm sure i've used Firefox to login to this forum before......WTF??? It works fine with Internet-Explorer though. Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Hi, just thought i'd mention on here that I've created a website dedicated to the XT600E. I know it could do with some more stuff on it, but you've gotta start somewhere
  3. Hi, I own a website that you may find interesting: www.dtr125.co.uk I built the website when i previously had a DT125R (well, ive actually owned two: 1989 DT125R and 2002 DT125R). Andrew. P.S. I'm from Suffolk too (near Bury St Edmunds.)
  4. Hi, have you taken them to any shows?
  5. Hi, here's a few photo's of my 2001 XT600E that I bought in March 2007. It's a nice bike to putter around on. Loads of grunt, and does 50-56mpg. I recently bought myself a GARMIN ZUMO 500 and regularly use it to plot out 80 mile bike rides at the weekend. I'd started making a website: WWW.XT600E.CO.UK I've also got a website that i'd made for DT125R enthusiasts: WWW.DTR125.CO.UK (Check out the websites.)
  6. You might find my website of some use: http://www.dtr125.co.uk If anyones got any info, reviews, tuning tips, modification tips, or wanna show their bike off in my gallery, or have anything else relevant that i can put on my website then please e-mail them to me at [email protected] I would give a mention on my website to anyone who contributes any content.
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