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    rd 350 ypvs f2---usual demise tzr 250---track converted and sold CBR 600RR(2003)---modded and sold VTR SP2---TOO expensive! gone YZF600R thundercat 4TV3---she is here to stay

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  1. boxrecords

    thundercat bars

    also here dude ---http://www.jesterstrickbits.co.uk/acatalog/Yamaha_YZF600_Thundercat.html
  2. boxrecords


    alright Craig You could have a look at a early R1 front end, yoke mods and the like will prob be needed tho
  3. hi Not sure about your neck of the woods but most signwriters will copy OEM stickers.You could prob source them off the net.pop on a usb or email then ask them to print vinyl weatherproof copies.As for paint,Pick up a copy of streetfighters.They have loads of back pages for firms and private painters.Only prob u have if you cant find someone local is sending the fairing or parts that need painting.hope this helps Chris
  4. alright ppl need to pick someones brain about my thundercat rear shock.I got a 97 cat and my rear shock is rusty and shagged out.found a breakers that have a 2001 shock for less than 50 notes.I know the cat production run ended in 2002 but my haynes only runs from 98-01 so my reference is out the window.The shock mounts all look similar but dont wanna part with the readies till im sure it'll fit.Any light shed will be great.thanx
  5. is looking for a new rear shock for his beloved 97cat

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