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  1. Check to make sure your getting fuel into your float bowls. If there is fuel, then it's probably a clogged jet. If there isn't fuel in the float bowl then probably need to adjust your float level but it could possibly be something clogging your fuel petcock or your gas lines.
  2. It's gonna be a bit of planning before I actually go and do this, but I'll definitely be posting pictures of what I do if I cut apart the swing-arm. Also, once the transmission starts giving me problems I'm going to rebuild and re-gear it for better highway driving and to smooth out the transition from 1st to 2nd. the way it is now 1st and 2nd gears eat themselves up when shifting between the two. edit: ...And the look is a large part of why I'm doing it. a 110/90 18 is just a little too narrow for my tastes.
  3. So basically I would need to be able to mount the shaft and shaft gearing outward(farther to the left from driver perspective) from the transmission casing to keep the shaft angle the same. The shaft casing on the swingarm(and associated welded parts) has about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch that it could be moved towards the left side so I would need to buy a few old swingarms to cut up and weld together and I would have to figure out a way to shift the middle gear to the left and then it should work ok, right?
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows a (simple?)way to get a wider rear tire for a 78 xs750 special. I would prefer to avoid any major welding but I am open to suggestions that would require it too. For those unfamiliar with this bike, it is a shaft drive so it's not just a simple matter of getting a wider rim and spacers for the sprocket/pulleys to get proper chain/belt alignment. So far I've come up with: 1. cutting apart the swingarm or a few swingarms and rewelding them to allow for a wider wheel 2. getting a swingarm for a different bike with a wider wheel and adapting my frame to take the
  5. KDiDP


    you can tape on sheets of notebook paper to protect against overspray. Also Signing tape works great for masking of larger areas. Basically just tape off anything that your worried about getting paint on. Just make sure you pull the tape off while the paint is still wet. If you come right up to the edge of the tape with your spraying and let the paint dry you'll chip it when you pull the tape off.
  6. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that the red/white wire connected to the starter solenoid had shorted out on the positive battery contact on the same solenoid. So what I'm asking, really, is what components of the bike could have been damaged from a little jolt down the red/white wire?
  7. Yea, it's a non standard part doing a standard function. The box is between the speedometer and odometer and contains all of the "stock" left and right handlebar controls(except the horn, which has been removed). All of the controls seem to be working fine and the previous owner had supposedly been driving it around 2 months ago. I was thinking that the ignition control unit may have gotten fried. How would I go about testing that?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's an E, it's a 78 and it has electronic ignition.
  9. I just bought an XS750 that had been having electrical problems. Once I started working on it I found out it had water sitting inside of a custom control box containing the kill switch, dimmer switch, turn signal buttons, and starter button. I've sorted out the lighting problems(RLU got fried, it's bypassed until I get a hold of a replacement) and I've got the electric starter running. The problem now is that there's no spark from the plugs. What components of the ignition system would most likely have been damaged from running the bike with water in that box?
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