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  1. 14th of May. Gonna be a great do. Went there last year and they had a raffle to win some excellent bike gear like helmets and leathers. Some beautiful bikes there from classics to Nossed and turbo'ed polished Busa's. It's all for charity so get up, down, or diagonally across from where you are, and get yer arses over for a right day out. I'll be campin over (it's free)!!!!. See ya there!
  2. wierdo81

    R1 Speedo

    Just had the same problem. first of all, undo your speedo cable to see if it's snapped. If so, replace it. But also, you should jack the front of your bike up, take the wheel off and make sure the speedo drive hasn't seized. If it has, then spray the hell out of it with WD40 and try working it round with a flat ended screwdriver. There aren't any parts you can break, but when you put the speedo drive back in, make sure the metal lugs are in the holes. Hope this helps!
  3. Hi all. Got a rattle coming out of the left hand side of me 'ace. It's somewhere around the crankcase cover. It rattles with clutch in- in 1st, parked, and for about 2 seconds after releasing on set off. Also, whilst gearing up at high revs, it seems to K-LUNK. All advice will be helpful. Cheers.
  4. Try a gator grip socket. The one with the pins. Worked for me anyway.
  5. wierdo81

    Oil light

    Does it only come on at high revs, ie. OVER about 6-7000 RPM?
  6. wierdo81

    New Fast Bikes Mag

    Ghost Rider's my favourite. Got some sh*t hot bikes at his disposal and also on the films are world stunt championships. For god sakes, if you've never seen any of them, get 'em watched. He'll show you how to ride yer bike. My motorway filtering has tripled.... then tripled again after watching him. Peace out people!
  7. Hi there mate, heres an idea. Take off a part that has a part number on it (eg. front or rear sprocket etc.) then take it to a motorcycle spares shop, (one that uses computers to order parts in) Ask for a replacement, and when they ask what model it's for, just tell them you bought a project bike and have no idea what it is. they will then type the part number in, and bob's yer uncle!. Just a thought anyway.
  8. Hi. At the moment, I've got a C/F micron end can and looking for something with a hell of a lot more roar. I've seen a stubby G-force can but it's a bit too spondoolified (expensive). Any alternatives would be extremely helpful, ta. Cheers guys. Had a look around and checked a few sites and came across an extremely nice guy called Andy from Bradford who owns Zorstec. (in Streetfighters mag). Did me a custom can s/s, stubby, bolt on (with bolts), and clamp all for 140 quid. Waited an hour and it was done there and then!. Brilliant service.
  9. Hi there mate, I've got the Thunderace and I know you've had the chain and sprocket answered but no brake pads. I swear by EBC, they're one of the best value for money and most commonly used. Just make sure you go for the sintered ones. For mine, they price around 60 quid for the whole set, so somewhere around there mate. Hope it's helped!
  10. Thats a keyboard you're using. Not a mobile phone with T9 mate.
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