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  1. You would be surprised how uncommon common sense is!
  2. I still dont reckon you can go past the early FJ11's.
  3. Its more the torque im afta, 110 - 120 ft/lb should do the job!
  4. LED Brake/tail lights & indicators, steel braided lines (brake & clutch) dont like the mirrors much either, mite look around for something different & def sum engine work, chasin around the 150 pony mark, that should be fun! Bazil.
  5. Cheers guys, $7,000.00 aussie, not to bad if u consider any new big bike ova ere is around the $20,000.00 mark. still a few more mods to go b4 im totally happy, but its a good start. It does get a lot of attention but everywhere i go Bazil.
  6. Hey All, I'm not sure if I'm in the right area to post an intro! Anyway, my name is Bazil from sunny Perth, West Oz. I bought my first 84 FJ11 in 97, kept it stock for a couple years & then decided to pull it all apart to do the usual mods to her. Well life & the missus soon got in the way, and it was sittin in the back shed (still in pieces) till last year when I suddenly got a bit of inspiration. Have had a few bikes in between, but as hard as I try I cant get the FJ's outa my system. I got half way thru the rebuild & and suddenly found another FJ11 on the net. This one was a show bike & I couldn't take my eyes off her. Immaculate! Had to have her! So now I have 2, (1 still in a few pieces). Pics below are of the new one. Anyway, that's my story so far. Chow for now. Bazil.
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