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  1. I took £900 for it incase you were interested
  2. Lol, may seem like a stupid question, but what's an SP?
  3. Ok then, thanks, it's on a couple websites and will be going on eBay tomorrow afternoon too, i'll post up if it sells and for how much
  4. Thanks for the input Turned out to be fuel starvation, fitted a brand new fuel filter and cleaned the carb, runs fine now.
  5. Hey, Finally got all the problems ironed out and have just lost all faith in this bike. What would you say is a fair price for it? Yamaha TZR50, 53 plate in blue. Fitted with a Polini 80cc Big Bore kit with Race Reeds to match, a full Arrow Race exhaust, After market air filter, Meta alarm system and immobiliser, Data tag(Between the alarm and the datatag it saved me £80-90 on insurance),tyres have plenty of tread in them. Had a top end rebuild 80 miles ago including replacement of the piston and top end gasket(I have the reciepts with a date to prove work). I changed the oil 2 day
  6. Hey, Me again, bloody TZR is beginning to be a pain in the ass, this time I had been riding for around a minute and all of a sudden, my speedo just went down to 0 (it's digital) and then about 2 minutes later, it just choked up and died, I thought oh s**t it had better start up, and it did, I managed to get about the same distance and it cut out once more. Then I ran it on idle for a while at my house, went locally for a small ride, again about 2 minutes, I was rounding the corner to my house, and it did it again. Could this be something to do with the alarm? I'm almost certain it's somethi
  7. We have ourselves a winner!
  8. Bloody hell LOL, sorry to hear that, those stories make not setting the mixture and setting the needle too high seem like basic mistakes haha, I hope he hasn't done anything like that on mine. This is his own garage, so the owner is a shaven chimp Cheers for the reply too
  9. Don't you just hate them? I took my bike to get a new piston fitted, was running sweet before it broke, I sent it to the garage, got a brand new piston and top end gasket fitted, and he has completely messed up the mixture and put the needle on the carb through the roof! seems like enough fuel is going through for a 125cc engine and it's only an 80cc, I told him not to because it's an aftermarket carb with race reeds, but he obviously took no note. It's obvious he hadn't even started it for more than 30 seconds let alone run it and set it up. Taking it in tomorrow morning so I can watch him se
  10. Yeah, I have home recovery so i'll get the breakdown people to collect it first thing monday, I wouldn't go anywhere else anyway, I don't want to have to pay out more money, he'll have to do it for free 'cause it's something he's done wrong xD And yeah, I tightened the plug a little more and it has slowed it, if not stopped it all together, but like you said, he'll know what he's done, I don't know what he did in the 2 weeks it's been sitting in his garage.
  11. A rather sizeable hole in the crown causing de-compression. My bad lol, well actually, most likely the previous owner had worn it a little, I've only had it a month or so, 2 weeks of which it has been in a garage. And yeah I thought that too, but he has obviously richened it way too much as it is actually choking the engine while idling. Is that possible?
  12. Just got the bike back from the garage, i've done 12 miles at 30mph and sat it in the garage, i went to clock up some more mileage earlier to find that there's a leak coming from the head of my engine where a plug of some sort comes out and also the mixture is way too high. This can't be usual for a new piston can it? I'm going to send it back first thing monday morning as i have home start, but some feedback now on whether this is usual behaviour of a new piston, IE mixture running so rich that anyone withing 10 metres of the idea bike is at serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and
  13. Thanks, mate, it's a Polini piston in a Polini bore, I've been told to do 100 miles at 5k revs and below before i can open it up, but it's going back to the garage anyway, the pillock that did it a so called "bike specialist" put the fuel and oil mixture way to rich and hasn't tightened the plug on the head properly and it started pi$$ing liquid after running for about 5-6 at idle. =/
  14. Hey, Details about how this happened aren't really necassary but I have a nifty little pen holder now in the form of an 80cc piston . I had to replace the piston on my TZR50 with an 80cc bore kit (If that makes any difference), now the rest of the engine is run in, but the piston is brand new, how would you say is the best way to run in the new piston? I've heard high gears and full throttle for 30 second bursts over a 5 mile stretch and also 300 miles at 5k revs (half the redline).(Which is also 30mph, which I don't feel completely confident doing in 60-70mph zones) Thanks
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