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  1. OK More Statuses.... First off... LOL.... My Bike is officially a 76 I bought a NEW rectifier and a "New" (used) voltage regulator off of e-bay.... and a brand new battery.... and I still have the problem.... Little Dave describes the problem perfectly.... When I test across the battery is does ok because the battery is buffering it and getting the crap kicked out of it... when if frys the whole system blows bulbs... When I test inline in front of the battery (which should be the charging circuit... I am assumming) I see voltage that is off the chart according to the manuals little table.... So here is the basics for my system Brand New Battery Brand New Recitifier Replaced Regulator (Absolutely no differance) Now what do I do/test/Pray for in order to keep from frying batteries and/or blowing blubs The manual is of no help because it just says Check for WHAT!?!?!?!? That they exist!?!?!? (Cause I did that and the wires are there and the connections are there... and LOL... I am assuming the charging coil is working cause its charging the shiet muslim out of my battery!!! Check how?!?!?! Its a high volatage issue.... any more help would be greatly appreciated Thanks a ton guys!!! Ernie
  2. Thanks for the Help on this... Here is the current Status... I have all the lights working including the Headlamp.... but now It seems my volatage is too high cause I am blowing bulbs... the bike stem is stamped as a 1975 175DT but the wiring diagram for that bike shows no volatage regulator and their is DEFINITELY a Voltage regulator on the air box of this bike... At 6000 to 7000 Rpm I am seeing 10 to 12 volts at the battery The 1976 Had a voltage regulator on it so I am guessing my bike is somewhere in between... So here is the question... How do you test a voltage regulator and how does it working sitting with in the System (mine has just a yellow wire in and a black wire to ground)... also for a new one Yamaha wants $310 and there is no way I can afford that... are there any other options!?!?!??! Whew... Long Winded I know!!!! but ANY help will be greatly appreaciated
  3. I have a 1975 Yamaha DT 175 and the Head light is not working... the bike starts up fine with or without a battery in it and the horn and all other lights (turn signals and breaklights) work just fine with it running or not running... At the head light bucket I am getting practically nothing (like 1.2 volts) any ideas where to start on this I cant ride this baby with out a head light and I am terribly frustrated right now
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