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  1. Ha ha yeah thats true, thanks again.....
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply, there aren't any emission test in the uk for motorbikes, as for the noise, well..... loud cans save lives so i'll take my chances.... i'm more worried in case i have to get the thing re mapped or something. Thanks again
  3. Hi I own a 2007 R6 and have had it nearly a year now, i have a yoshimura tri oval slip on carbon fibre end can and i am now looking at abolishing the cat, i have been offered a set of stainless steel down pipes complete with mid section (link pipe) to replace the ugly mess underneath. It's going to cost me £275 for this but before i go ahead with it can anyone please outline any potential hazards that may lie ahead if i go with this. The new set up comes complete with a pre drilled hole for the lamba sensor to go in too, so just in case i'm overlooking anything can someone shine some light on this for me...... Thanks very much....
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