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  1. I ordered a set of genuine second hand ones of Flea bay, hopefully it will resolve my rough running issues !! Thanks for the help .
  2. Just realised that this post is a couple of years old
  3. i had the same problem with my 92 FJ1200 and it turned out to be the Ignition coils that needed replacing. I'm not saying that it's the same problem you have but it sounds similar !
  4. HI there does anyone know weather the ignition coils from a FJ1200 3cv 1990 will fit a FJ1200 3xw 1992 ? If not does any one know of pattern parts ?
  5. Thanks very much, dont suppose you have the part numbers for carb slide return srings and a part number for carb diaphrams ? regards
  6. Hi there just wondering how many clutch plates and srings there are in a US1980 xs400 heritage special, sohc. My supplier gave me 5 my manual says 6 0r 7. As for the springs supplier gave me six manual says 4. Dont want to open it up till i have exactly what i need. Also can any one tell me how long the springs for the carb sliders should be regards stevethehat2
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