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  1. From experience, the air filter should be wet with oil but not dripping. Before putting it back in the housing, soak it in oil then wring it out. This stopped our little 125's problems with the revs.
  2. loopy_lot

    SR 125

    Hi there, According to Mr. Haynes, the clearances are: inlet - 0.05-0.09 mm (0.002-0.003 in) exhaust - 0.11-0.15 mm (0.004-0.006 in) I'm guessing it's the same for all ages and models but my manual only goes up to 1996 Hope that helps, Lynn
  3. Thanks for your help again guys, this is not what I wanted to hear tho I don't know if this is a common thing with the SR250's or not as every picture I have found on the interweb of these bikes either shows them with no main stand or with the stand chocked up like we are having to at the mo on wood. Also when the stand is up it bounces around. It's as if the spring ain't strong enough so we forked out (at great expense of £3) for a new spring and it made no difference. It still bounces around and sits in mid air. Is this normal or even legal? Would welding the washer on fix this problem too? I can see we're going to have to take the darn thing off when the bike is finished
  4. Sorry to keep bugging everyone but this is one that is annoying me nearly as much as the electrical problem we were having. When we bought the bike it came without the centre stand or rear brake pedal. We managed to get hold of them and fitted them no problem, so we thought. The problem is the main centre stand seems to be going too far forward when putting the bike on it and the only way at the moment we can make it useable is to stand the bike with the stand on a piece of timber. This works but bot practical for MOT or traveling purposes. I have scoured the net and found a few parts schematics for models other than the SR250SE and found something called the stand stopper but having looked at the underneath of the frame and the stnad there looks no where to put anything to stop the stand going so far forward. Any help please. Oh and btw, I am not about to bang head on brick wall, quite yet anyway Thanks, Lynn
  5. Thanks for all your help. We have solved the problem. It was a poor negative earth to the battery. We replaced this with a spare one and all the electrics are now working as they should WOOHOO Would have been lost with out this place and all the helpful members, in fact my brick wall is now giving a great sigh of relief (as is my head) I'm sure I'll be back on with more problems when I come across them. Again, many thanks Jim and Yoda, you are my saviours. Lynn
  6. Thank you Jim and Yoda. We will be checking all earths to make sure there is no problem with them before resuming wall banging. The earth for the battery was never removed from the engine and the only other earth is where the coil sits on the frame so we'll check both of them and see what happens.
  7. Thanks for the reply Jim. Forgot to say everythign was working fine before we took it all apart. Yes it has a side stand but the bike is a 1981 so doesn't have the kill switch for the side stand but does have a cut out circuit on the clutch which overides the safety rely so you can start the bike in gear by pulling inthe clutch lever. The wiring on the ignition is the same colours as the old one and match the loom. We even tried the old ignition switch and the result was still the same, nothing but the neutral light. The kill switch is in the run posotion so we know it's not that. Looks like it's gonna be a disassemble then. Guess what we'll be doing tomorrow
  8. Maybe I am being a woman here but I have become stuck with the re-build of our 1981 SR250 SE. Hubby and I have got to the point of re-connecting the electrics and after purchasing a new ignition for it (the old one could be truned with any key and looked older than the bike) we connected the battery and turned the key. The green neutral light came on but nothing else works. We have tried charging the battery as it's been standing a while and also connecting the battery charger direct to the wires but still nothing but the green neural light. When the ignition is in Park the green light comes on both front parking light and rear light come on but very weak. Have spent the past 2 days checking the wiring, taking it all apart and re-connecting it but still the same thing, nothing but the green light. I thought green light meant go, but not on this machine at the moment. Are we missing something so obvious or has something major gone wrong? Any help would be appreciated and save my poor brick wall from my head banging.
  9. loopy_lot

    SR250 exhaust

    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas if any other exhausts would fit a 1981 SR250. Have recently required the bike and the exhaust is rotten to the core and am finding it difficult to find a repacement. Thanks, Lynn
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