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  1. Chuck a piccy up and lets have a look at the love of your life (at the moment)
  2. Would it make it better if I said they both knock like f--k
  3. Recent new addition to the garage. Ive decided to keep the Dragstar for now as its paid for for the rest of the year. Dead pleased with the Virago but noticed theres not many posts relating to the 750. That good or bad? Ray
  4. and while we're on the subject, what the f--k happebned to R&B? It used to stand for rythm and blues, people like Rory Gallagher et al, it seems nowadays poppets like Cheryl bloody Cole and any other talentless celebs/manufactured plastics fit
  5. Yes but I fear that their use gets less common further down the age range
  6. No. Looks OK to me Thumbs up Bona Fida Genuine Pukka The Biz The Real Deal
  7. Supplier looks like a bona fida business Kelum, registered in several of the areas business directorys
  8. Good point DT, some purchases are best made at local dealers, can be a good source of advice too. Helmets, I'm sure I recall being told that it needs to have a label (E Label)or something similar stitched into it somewhere to show it conforms to the european safety standard. Apparently, some cheap imported (ex EU) don't. When you try it on (and dont but without trying) make sure that the helmet cant turn/slip about when fastened, and bear in mind it will get looser with wear. Open faced helmets tend to be noisier with wind noise, but have better all around vision.
  9. hi Tom, Log onto www.electrexworld.com for info on electrical parts, and fault finding
  10. Before renewing mine, price comparison search threw up Swintons at a staggering £30 cheaper. Rang emm up, but during the conversation they were adding on a few quid for this, a tenner for that, etc, told him he was wasting my time as we were soon up to my exisitng cost. Recently added the Virago so its now a dual bike policy, not bad, but £25 admin fee for 2 minutes typing and how come "the business sector" can remove money from your account in seconds, but take weeks to put it back in?
  11. He's clearly having trouble taking off
  12. Well done ,pleased you're up and running Given the description of the oil, I'd be inclined to get another oil and filter change in sometime perhaps after a couple of hundred miles or so, just to make sure that all the crap is out
  13. One was a power mad dictator of a rotten corrupt government, and the other is President of Libya and where do they buy those pick ups with ack ack guns on the back, I've not seen them in our showrooms.
  14. You should be fine. Try to keep off motorways, it should run nicely at 50 to 60mph all day. Aim to fill the tank up at around every 120 miles. Because its air cooled, switch the engine off if you get stuck in traffic jams etc Hope you have a good trip
  15. Clarify. Do you want to remove the concave dish at the outlet, or the muffler that shrouds the exhaust. if its noise that you want, some folks have just drilled holes in the dishes. That way its possible to plug them back up if its not the desired effect, or as Paul says, performance negative impact
  16. Cant help with the electrics, but I have seen similar threads here in the past, you could try the search function for "heated grips". Heated grips? darn sarf? spend the cash on some decent winter gloves When you change the filter, make sure that the bolts go back in the same holes that they came from, its possible they may be different lengths. Not sure the idling speed variation would be caused by plugs, that would be only one cylinder firing, are both cylinders firing when its slow idling? You need to get the front wheel of the deck to check to see if the front brake is dragging on the disc. If the bikes not been used for some time, the brake pistons can become seized in the caliper. If they are, then its usually a strip out job. If the disc is free to spin, then check that the lever is free in its slot. Take the bolt out that goes secures it to the mounting (watch out for the spring) clean out any crud, grease it up, then slip it back in. Good luck
  17. Cynics Strikes me we've spent the last 30 years sucking up to Gadaffi and keeping him in place, now it looks like were becoming involved in moves to get rid of him. Lets carry on warming the planet, melt the ice caps, then we can get at the oil underneath and tell em to sod off
  18. I added a second bike today on my policy, £25 admin fee, plus £3.37 bloody tax. trouble is, when I trawled around before renewing, the so called cheaper quotes returned via internet search gradually crept up while I was on the blower to the companies, adding this that an t'other. How many bikes can you ride at once
  19. Youve got to have the right type of oil, use as it says in the manual, I use Silkolene 10/40 Super 41. Good clean oil makes a big difference to clutch performance/gear changing/finding neutral
  20. Doesnt the stroke length need to be altered too? Sounds like a lot of (expensive) work for minimal improvement in performance/economy, whether you buy and fit parts, or have a re-bore job. As you say, its a great machine. Risky
  21. and Im wrong, off side on the XVS, nearside on the XV
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