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  1. I dont recall the XVS 125 being made in beige and tan. I think black/silver/maroon-cream/maroon red were the original colours. XVS650 and XV535 were available in beige tan. But I've been wrong before
  2. Not familiar with the bike but I assume that the circlip is missing from its location on the shift shaft. You should be able to see the slot the clip fits in if you push the pedal up against the bracket. I imagine a Yam dealer will be able to give you one the right size if you tell them the bike type etc. Otherwise, you will need to measure the shaft size with a micrometer or digital caliper, then buy a clip from an engineers supplier etc. If you can let me know the right size, i dare say I could post one to you next week, you will require a pair of external circlip pliers to fit it. If you're not comfortable with that, ride the bike to the mearest Yam dealer, and ask them to pop a clip on for you, its a tne second job and I'd be staggered if they have the nerve to charge anyhting for it.
  3. Beautiful Derbyshire, second only to the Lakes
  4. Nice looking bike I'm always fascinated to look around other folks' garages/workshops when they put photos up, sometimes see the oddest things Is that someones head on the top right hand shelf
  5. Good luck with the test, what are you taking 125 or direct access?
  6. That looks terrific, coolest looking pipes Ive ever seen on a Dragstar
  7. Yep, see it now, no need to put your back out though No wonder I couldnt see them on the photos Thanks for the info about the screen, much appreciated
  8. Do you have an owners manual?
  9. That looks superb but I can see 2 brackets on the top photo, and I can still only see 2 on the following photos. So where is the new bracket fitted Can I ask a couple of questions bout the screen I'm thinking of having one for the Virago? Do you look over or through the screen, I rather look just over it than through, and whats the height from the top of your headlight to the top of the screen? Thanks
  10. You've been lucky, a chain off at speed can cause a serious accident. Did it just "come off" or did it snap? Either way, points to lack of proper care through too slack or rusty and dry not sure that I understand why the bike only cuts out on the drive,, do the revs dip at junctions/traffic lights etc or is it just on the drive? Check to see if the chain has damaged the side stand switch when it came off
  11. Good luck with the tests. Dont know if youve already done so, but consider signing up with a training course, they will train you to get you through the test.
  12. I'm guessing here, but I can only think that its the clutch switch wire, connects with the sidestand to prevent starting with the sidestand down and clutch engaged. Should operate like this: Sidestand down/bike in gear/clutch engaged - bike wont start Sidestand down/bike in neutral/clutch engaged - bike should start Sidestand down/bike in gear/clutch disengaged - bike should start Sidestand up/bike in neutral/clutch engaged - bike should start Sidestand up/bike in gear/clutch disengaged - bike should start Check your sidestand for a switch presence
  13. Know what I miss most from my childhood? The night sky. Billions of stars, reds, yellows, blues, whites, the milky way. Cant see jack shit now round here, couple of dozen on a clear night Terrific skys on the vid
  14. RS Paints is a UK based bike paint supplier, you should be able to get the codes of the web site.
  15. Hmmmmmm. Does 1100 come under the "large" classification? Certainly, 650 is medium/mid size/weight etc. Its a big step up. How about a test ride on both, see how they both feel.
  16. Jeez Kelum, back to basics. As Paul says, plugs out first. Use a proper plug spanner. Pull the lead off first, fit the socket/spanner over the plug and turn anti clockwise. The plugs should be in straight ie not cross threaded and not loose. When youve got them out check their colour and the size of the gap. If the electrodes are corroded, fit new plugs ( I'd do that anyway as you dont know how long theyve been in the bike), gap size is in the manual that I emialed to you for the XV250. When you refit the plugs, dont screw them in cross threaded, if it gets tight screwing in then stop and if the plug end cap needs to stay on to fit the cap properly, make sure thats its tight. As it says in the book, a quarter to half a turn past finger tight to tighten the plugs in Out of interest, how many miles has the bike completed? I also feel sure that the bike will have a sidestand switch, double check that. Check that the + and - connections on the battery are clean and tight, same for the the earth connections. Let us now how you get on
  17. Dont shit in your own back garden. If youre going to "respond" then make sure wahtever happens is well away from your street
  18. Hey, I'm 5ft 6" in old money, 10 and a half stone weakling, 59 years old, hadnt ridden a bike for 38 yeras, bought a dragstar 125 2 years ago, passed direct access, now got a virago 750. I love it, wind in my face, the thrill, the independence. Confidence and experience, common sense, anticipation, not physical strength, are what matter. JUMP IN
  19. Congratulations to you both, and welcome to a new life
  20. Hi Jim, stick with Beacon, got me through my Full Access, Id recommend them. Your choice as to whether to go for DA or restricted. I knew what bike I wanted, 650 dragstar or 750 virago, and wasnt prepared to wait another 2 years or pay to have it restricted then derestricted again. Swot up on the theory test, there are some stupid questions (like whats the max width trailer you cna pull on a bike)pracitce with the internet based tests lots, and focus on the process one stage at a time ie dont think about stage 1 until the theory is done, dont think about stage 2 until stage 1 is done
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