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  1. Pretty much any sport touring tyre road tyre from the major manufacturers shoudl be fine. There are plenty of reviews available on the web. Asking for recommendations sometimes starts a tyre frenzy with every tom/dick/harry recommending soemthing.
  2. Wow, thats gotta be a toughie to take when youre in your mature years, with a lifetime of bad habits. Chin up, once youre into the regime/lifestyle, youll become accustomed to it. Ive several in my family/relatives T1 and T2, those that have adapted you cant really tell a difference, the one that hasnt is constantly having secondary problems. Stick at it and neversaydie
  3. Hi there. Always try the simplest and cheapest possible solution first. Try to nip the bolts up a little. I guess that you mean from the head gasket.
  4. I guess first port of call is the clutch adjustment. Check that and adjust as per the owners manual etc, then try again. Its always best to start with the simplest, cheapest, and easiest possible solutions. Your next stop will likely be the clutch area, sometimes an oil change can do the trick, again, simple and not too expensive
  5. Got to agree. Driving standards today are shocking, complete loss of control by the authorities, test unfit for purpose, motor cars too big and powerful, too many distractions, no-one prepared to wait or give way. Drivers compelte ignore traffic lights. Ive noted over ecent months that motorists at junction 25 on the M1 (suppose its the same everywhere) dont watch the lights that are in front of them, they are watching the next set around the island, when they swithch to amber they move off before their lights turn to amber. It happens at all of the slips, result is there is hardly ever a gap to pull into.
  6. Yes people do. Dont think there are many Virago owners on here. I have seen aftermarket exhausts fitted to them, and to be honest, I think the stock system looks better, plus you may have to faff about with the carbs, and on a 28 year old bike, the exhaust studs may put up a fight
  7. Superior to the mirrors. No blind spots or wind noise/buffeting. Gonna ride like this now
  8. Update time Alex. The kit arrived, instructions very basic, but easy enough for anyone with a little knowledge to install. Ive just installed the basic parts ie one rear camera and the monitor, just to see if its going to give me what I want. Camera is connected to the rear light feed for the live and earth, then plugged into the screen. Fired up first time. Kit also includes facilty for charging the screen battery via the bike, and a front facing camera (exactly same as the rear cam). Been out with it a few times now, no mirrors on and removed the riderscan. Camera scan angle is 140 degrees. I can now see whats directly behind, and as the cars slip off screen they come into view at my side. Only down side is the screen image is reversed
  9. Likely to change the air/fuel mixture, which may lead to you requiring to work on the carb to get the mixture correct. Unlikely to give any significant performance gain
  10. https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xvs125-2000-5jx1-england-105jx-300e3_model41926/push-lever-assy_2uj1638000/#.W3xpiehKiUk
  11. I am led to beleive that the rear caliper from an FZS1000 Fazer with fit with a little filing. Search the FOC club (Fazer Owners Club) for more info
  12. As above, you need to get the motor running before spending any money/time on it. Carbs cleaned, new air filter, fresh fuel, and I guess the battery will be shagged by now too. Make sure theres oil in the motor before you try to turn it over, ooh, and clean the plugs. That should keep you busy. If it fires up, dont ride it until youre sure the tyres arent gooing to blow, give them a real good look over. And check the brakes work
  13. Have a look at the forks just to make sure they look straight and parallel to each other. At the end of the day, its not going to drop into the corners like a sporty, but if the front end all checks out, then it is what it is, a cruiser, made for going in straight lines
  14. There are a number of Virago owners clubs worldwide. Sign up to a couple, there may be someone living close by to help
  15. Pop it on the centre stand, get the front wheel in the air. The bars should turn nicely with a light touch. If the bars are not stock, check the cable routes and make sure none are binding when the bars are turned
  16. Yep, bang on with the clearances. Torque for the nuts is 7Nm
  17. No, not bothered too much about recording, just for vision. Currently got the mirrors off and am using a RIDERSCAN parabolic mirror
  18. Yep, sold the cruiser a couple of weeks ago. Didnt need to sell, but 1500 miles in the last 3 years on it, seemed a shame for it just to sit in the garage. No regrets, gonna spend a bit on the Fazer now, powercommander to be fitted, likely to need new tyres this winter along with chain and rear sprocket. Going to have a look at a rear view camera set up too, so may be able to dump the mirrors
  19. Im sure he's managed to get the sprocket off in the intervening 8 years
  20. Well done chaps. Been following your trip, looks like a real hoot
  21. Just that thers been no posts for a few days. A bit concerned
  22. I could get 70mph flat out on a flat stretch, cruise at 60mph, only having to drop down the gears for steep hills. I tried one tooth up and one tooth down on the front, but lost out using both at either end of performance, so kept the stock gears gears. The rest of the bike was also stock. I also only used Super unleaded. My own view is that people pissed about with them for little gain, given that the engine is only a 125, pulling a fair weight. They are lovely little bikes
  23. Wow, that sounds tight. Is there a common opinion on the MT09 owners site?
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