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  1. Get a jack and a piece of reasonably stout timber, place the timber under the frame rails beneath the engine, put the jack under the timber and carefully raise the rear wheel of the ground. Start the bike, clutch in, into first, watch what the rear wheel does, report back
  2. The Chunderace is a big old heavy bike, cant think for a minute the R1 would have the same clutch. If the springs are the correct ones and not heavy duty, then you might want to try lubricating the cable, and checking that the cable is routed correctly from the bars to the housing. Conversion to hydraulic is a possible solution if a kit is available
  3. Thats a great effort. Complete new wardrobe to fit the new you?
  4. If youve the money, try to get genuine a OM part, certainly avoid used electrical components and youve no indication of previous usage/age/condition. Just be doubly sure that youve no faults on the bike that will wipe it out the moment you switch on
  5. Looks like part no 4jh8196001, superceded by 5sl8196000. Looks to be readily available
  6. Aye, I have to be mindful that its my only bike now
  7. Had a blast. Bit apprehensive in the first couple of sessions, but settled down ok after that. Definitely rode faster than novice group, like Finnerz says theres a good range of abilities and I was towards the slower end of the group but by no means embarrassed. The higher overall speed meant I could keep flowing better. Missed the final session as absolutely knackered and didnt want to risk it. It was packed full, and on track were Dean Harrison and Ron Haslam in the fast group. I could count road bikes on one hand, all the others were trailered/vanned in, along with all of the gear that goes with em, race bike/track bikes, some wonderful machines there. And me on the humble fazer. Next up is an evening trackday session sometime in June July, probably another in August, the the Road Bike only day in early Sept.
  8. Had another super day last week, novice group, blessed with decent weather again. Ive booked again for next monday, intermediate group this time, not sure if itll be too hot for me but going to give it a go
  9. Very posh. Is the bottom pic up by the airport?
  10. No point going for a used one, likely to be in similar shape. High end ones are likely to be £400-£600, budget ones £200-£400. How about having the existing one rebuilt? Part number is 4TV2221030, original equipment is likely to be hard to come by
  11. Whats the mileage? I think that'll be fuel injected, not carbs. Easy enough to do if youve got the equipment. Always start with the simple stuff first though, plugs/filters etc, make sure the chain tension is correct and lubricated, if the fuel is more than a couple of months old, dump it and put fresh in
  12. Wemoto are as good as any, also M&P, then Yambits, Fowlers. No shortage of suppliers. Mudguards/fenders, try going to the Stafford Bike Show at the end of April, youll find all sorts of stuff there. Solid struts (hardtail), its your choice, but on Englands roads !!! Its like theyve been carpet bombed
  13. Hmmm. Interesting. Thanks
  14. I was having similar problems a while back, didnt want a tailpack as I struggled to get my leg over the added height, tank bag stops access to the filler, so I bought a largeish leg holster, it takes all the daily stuff, phone/cash/discklock/keys. Depends how small you can roll up the waterproofs
  15. Try having a look on the cmsnl website
  16. neversaydie


    Hope so. 3 rideouts this last week, out for 4 hours today, got back home just after 4pm. Ashbourne, then the B5056, mile after mile of lovely B roads, and no traffic
  17. 3,000? I'll be lucky. Only rode 1,500 last year on the fazer, and 300 on the virago. Sold the virago last summer cos it just wasn't being used, and i'd really rather let someone have it that would. Since I retired, ive found that I have even less time to ride. Odd, really. First grandchild on the way too, ill struggle again this year. Didn't help when my youngest broke her leg and I had the four horses and dog to look after though
  18. Looks like it passes over the carbs and under the tank, so maybe connect onto the carbs at the rear perhaps/
  19. After 3 years, I would try a complete clean out of the fuel system, tank/filter etc etc, then fresh fuel in
  20. As above, check the chain for stiff links. Also check the sprockets for hooked teeth, make sure the front sprocket is secure on the splines and the wheel bearings for wear. Is that a fazer? Early fazers had a problem with the front sprocket coming loose, they replaced them with a deeper one
  21. Yea, we did have a good un weather wise. I love it, wife hates it hot. You can imagine the disagreements, fans on/off, windows open/closed, too hot to cook etc etc, salads day after day
  22. Started of ok, plan was to buid a summer house down the bottom of the garden. That was kicked into touch as my youngest (33) got thrown from one of her horses and broke a leg. The old man had to step up and spent the spring/summer looking after 4 horses and the dog. Thankfully, shes now almost fully recovered. The accident meant that my plans for half a dozen trackdays had to be abandoned, so the recently fitted full fairing and power commander never saw track action. However, I did manage to get 2 days at Donny Park, one in sept and one in oct. I was dead lucky again with the weather on both, and had 2 smashing days out. The second was Leon Haslam trackday, and I went to both of his briefings, very informative about mass and balance. I cant claim to be anything special, just an old man trying to have a bit of fun, but I will say to anyone whos not been on track before, try it, its an absolute hoot and youll meet lots of great peolple
  23. Always start with the simplest, easiest, and cheapest checks first. Check for spark at the plugs, check that your getting 13 to 14 volts at the battery at around 3000rpm, no more than that. Go round the bike and check all of the earth conecttions are sound and clean
  24. Pretty much any sport touring tyre road tyre from the major manufacturers shoudl be fine. There are plenty of reviews available on the web. Asking for recommendations sometimes starts a tyre frenzy with every tom/dick/harry recommending soemthing.
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