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  1. over here in rainy stafford lol
  2. haha aint that the way to do it!
  3. I wonder what poor car or bike hes pulling apart to mod nowadays lol!
  4. Hehe got my email to, looks like that email thing was a good idea eh alex unforetunatly ive been bullied into buyng a cbr600fs which is good but im not v happy with been a ho*da owner again lol! next bikes going to be a yam and fingers crossed in a year or so it will be the r1 woo
  5. ^^ Some things never change eh
  6. Well electric starts dont kick u back when uve kicked it also kick starting can get tiring if the bike is not starting up, kick start can break ie snap just as an electric motor can malfunction or stop working (kick start is cheaper to replace i think). One huge advantage of the kick start though is that if your battery runs flat you can still start the bike up normally! hope this helps a bit!
  7. Not in the 100m sprint you arent
  8. yea good one mozz. We need some infiltration guys to sort us a hand
  9. What do you need pictures of that ol heap for anyway moz? I do remember the pic where u showed the nice chrome pipe but i cant remember where it was hosted :-s
  10. skyline

    possible upgrades

    Hmmm see now everyone says that, but ive been thinking recently. I had far more fun doing up my 50cc than bigger bikes. 50's are cheap to do up, esp the tzr because they've got the mineralli am6 engine in them it means u can squeese loads of extra power out by not even changing to much. I would say if u were to change exhaust also change the jets in the carb only go up a couple though (think i found them for a coulpe of quid each so i brought a load of diffrent one likes). And then put a K and N style or similar air filter on. Also on 50's whack pro boost in there because for some reason that adds loads of feelable power to standard and modded 50's. At the end of the day its your choise on what u spend your money on, it would be wasting it spending on a 50, but it is one hell of alot more fun spending on a 50 imo anyway and yea it will always sound like a tinny 50, but when i had my leo vince exhaust and k and n style filter to me it sounded loooooads better (i dont think it actually did to anyone else around but thats not the point )
  11. hehe its harder than you think to not be naughty on a bike sometimes u know
  12. lol, ill take ur word with that, by the time im 50 if im not changing bikes that much im hunting u down!
  13. 1 question ive always wanderd about u pete, is how on earth can u afford so many bikes so often and easily with insureance and stuff as well :shock: fair play to ya i love them bikes always wanted one, hope u like and stick with this one for more than a week! lol
  14. fuck me! i genrally hate older bikes espically of those style. But that looks absolutly stunning, i want one! Gotta say u done a good job on that mate. wanna sort my 19yr old ho*da vfr400 out for me by any chance?
  15. skyline

    my new alarm

    did u turn the sensitivity down a bit? i brought a remote start alarm thing off ebay its really good (except ive started me bike once while just walking round with the keys in me pocket by acedent :S ) but the factory sensitivity setting is quite high, u could just touch the bike and the alarm would go off lol. cool toys tho, i havent failed to impress anyone using remote start yet
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