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    k6 gsxr 1000,1981 honda cb900 with 1100 slingshot motor,r1 front end,1980 it 465,1981 dt175 x2,1978 suzuki rm 50,1998 dt 230

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  1. ive got two in the loft if you are interested,p.m. me
  2. my moneys on pattern kick start,ive had two and one bent with one kick,never even made the full swing,foot slipped off as it bent,genuine only from now on.
  3. hi id go for the blow lamp on ali around stud,shouldnt need to be massively hot to move stud,as for blind bearing,same again,heat outside of casing around bearing,keep moving blow lamp around to get even spread of heat,when hot a good tap with a mallet should dislodge it,i have done this with an oxy acetelyne torch and never melted casings,just keep moving flame it will be o.k.
  4. check the cable from speedo drive at front wheel to cable,its probably broken.
  5. hi performance wont change,cant see any problems with wear as all you are changing is the seat height,i went the other way and raised my 125,no difference apart from seat height and a bit more ground clearance. cheers
  6. hi i have a 175 i have used for green laning,agree about not using dtr forks,tried it,instead went for xt 350 forks, smaller diameter,fair bit more travel and a disc brake,dont restrict lock by much,was a good compromise.
  7. hi i have heated bar pads on my dt 230 i use for gren laning,got them off ebay,from china,about £4 delivered,simple to wire,they are a kind of laminated pad with a heating element,you simply wrap it around your bars and fit original grips over the top.had three sets of these on different bikes,no problems yet.
  8. hi i always fit them with washer at top, on speedo,idea being if bottom comes loose you dont loose the inner cable,dont really see what difference it makes except previous reason for doing so. cheers
  9. hi indicators should work with engine not running.
  10. hi i had the same set up on mine and was running a 260 main jet,boyesen reeds,ran great with no problems.
  11. hi dont know of any way to test an intermittent fault,but i had this exact same fault on a bike years ago and it WAS the coil,it was breaking down when hot,replaced coil,all good after that.get a cheap second hand 12v coil off anything and it will work. cheers mark.
  12. dt 175,2nd gear easily,dt 230 2nd gear is best,gsxr 1000 anytime any place anywhere,had it still lifting on the gas at about 150 its just a beautiful feeling.
  13. hi harry,looking at pic i dont think its had anything welded to front end,tanks not fitted fully forward,possible front end could be a xt 350,ive done exactly the same with mine,if the forks are about 35mm its xt,if bigger they could be dtr 125,probably left the tank further back to keep steering lock o.k.
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