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  1. Well done Tylerman!! The resurrection of another great vintage Yami is always inspiring..I'm going to polish up my toys now..lol,, WELL DONE! Travis K.
  2. 1979xs4002f

    78 xs400

    Spark,Spark, spark...If your plugs are new clean and gap them...but I'm guessing your plugs are tired and in need of cleaning or replacement...Keep in mind that most of our 30yr old Yami's aren't cold blooded to begin with..My 79' xs400 will thrown a flame off a new plug but when its below 65degrees...your kicking it 3 times minimum....
  3. Thanks guys, I'll be calling my local Yam shop to order the part soon i will keep you all posted..Oh I forgot to atleast tell why i'm replacing this...as I'm sure those who already know, you'll start seeing oils leaking into and out of your points cover... thanks again, Travis
  4. Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you have replaced the camshaft seal on your bikes before and where/how you got thr "right" oil seal, I've spent a few hours comparing part #'s on Yamahas part directory and thru ebay/mikes XS. There are more than one part # associated with this specific oil seal so I'm wondering if any of you have successfully done this and had good results ie:the right seal purchased. thanks in advance, Travis K.
  5. I kniow that as far as seat pan/foam/cover they will NOT..>I made the mistake of buying an NOS 650 seat cover for my xs400and it was a bit larger, had to re-sell and lost 25bucks on it...o'well my bad.
  6. As I'm sure you've seen I successfully posted a pic, thanks for your help. Travis
  7. Sweet bike, love what you did, paint scheme is sick! well done.
  8. Apparently a whole slew of swappable parts......wheels,bars,fenders,shocks,seat,mirrors....well pretty much everything is different..I'm guessing even the engine stamp
  9. Here it goes....I hope this pic posting works
  10. Hi, I'm new to the group and was wondering if you allow photos to be upload to the members rides albums or our personal gallery, I have a clean 79 xs4002-F that I'd love to show off but can't seem to find a way to post pics. Thanks in advance for your help
  11. Hi I'm new to the group but have had experience with the ChengChin's on my 79 xs400.I currently am on my second rear of the mentioned brand in the course of 2300 miles so It's fair to say that the longevity of them sux..lol As for traction and braking..it's hards to compare them to a 200.00 battle axe on my brother GXXR considering I dont hit 140mph in 3 seconds nor do I slow from 80 to 0 in 2 seconds. I realize that the you get what you pay for so i'm not upset that I've invested 105 bucks in my two rear tires in 2300 miles..In comparision to a sporty "ggod" tire your still paying more per mile if the performance is not a major factor..not to say that braking distance doesn't matter(had to add that before i was bombarded with SAFETY rants) In anycase, good luck w/ your decision.
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