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  1. Bikerman


    Cool,thanks there Bogus Otis,and WHAT A BIKE it is!I was jumping the gun a bit-it was only released last Thursday I think.It will be in shops here next month I hear and making huge waves.Guys have traded in their KTM's and GS's already too.In SA rand,it is expected to sell-depending on spec-at about R120 000 to R140 000.That is about R30 000 less than a GS.So looks like another number 1 from Yamaha!
  2. Bikerman


    Hey wonder if anyone has any info?Here in the good old RSA models arrive or news on models arrives long after it happens in Europe.Some six months ago the 660 Tenere arrived here and has made huge waves as one far as up riding goes.I've heard rumours of further 800 and 1200cc models coming this year.Are these models known anywhere else?Touring on and offroad here is pure bliss and if rumours are true-the Beemer,etc crowd will cry like hell.
  3. Bikerman


    A church elder was walking past the old age home the other day,when low and behold there out on the sidewalk lay three old ladies-completely starkers!He went inside to ask what was going on to which the supervisor replied-'They are retired prostitutes and they are having a closing down sale'
  4. Bikerman

    '09 R1

    VERY chuffed at the R1 WSBK debut and in the local RSA (stock off the floor) that the riders had about a week learn about.In fact wins in both races!At our exchange rate it is a tall order,but having sampled her in a showroom it is a MUST.Donations are welcome.
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