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  1. Hi all, does anyone know how much fettling it will take to fit an R6 swingarm onto a 1988 FZR1000 Genesis? or will it slide right in??? cheers, Mac.
  2. Hi all, my bike got attacked on thursday night and as a result now has a nice big bash in the tank. Its got a crease in it so blowing it wont help. I have bought a second hand tank from E-bay but it is not guarantee'd fuel tight. My question is... If i cut the bottom out of the replacement tank around the seam, do you think the top part will sit over the top of the original one? I am thinking of bonding it on and just painting it to match. Can anyone see any problems with this?..ie. will the filler hole of the replacement sit inside the original? Many thanks, Mac. ps, looking for a cheap set of dominator headlights to replace my broken ones. cheers.
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