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    2008 R6: Graphite, DB screen, tail tidy, single seat cowl, Akrapovik megafone, Power Commander, BMC filter, mini indicators front and rear, pillion pegs removed. Sold :-( 2008 YZF-R1: For sale, making way for the racer.

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    Bikes, cars(major petrol head), booze, women(in that order actually). Muay thai(train when my fat arse can be bothered), UFC or any MMA/fighting styles(huge fan and love the violence).
  1. Dont suppose youd sell it? Ricky
  2. Would be an exhaust for my R1 i reckon, a titanium 4-2-1 system, just 1 nice simple Termi can behind the foot brake, 08 R6 sorta way(or like the Moto GP bikes). Not a big fan of the twin exit under seat affair.
  3. R6Ricky

    1 Wing mirror

    Mirrors arent a legal requirement on a bike. Ricky
  4. R6Ricky


    A dunno about the warranty void part there, my local Yam dealership is selling brand new R125's with full sport exhaust systems that supposedly up the power by 20%, doubt they would be doing this if it made the warranty null and void. Ricky
  5. R6Ricky


    Hey welcome Jo, gorgeous bike. The more i see R125's, the more i wish i was 17 again
  6. Hey guys and gals, anybody know of any Yamaha meets, runs or charity runs happening in the Scotland area? Looking to do a good run on the bike this year instead of my usual half hour blast then home again. Ideally a charity event would be better as this would be for a good cause. Even a national charity event that is still looking for participators? Ricky
  7. Hi mate, right 1st question, yes a Cat 'C' is indeed a write off, id try if possible to find out what damage the bike sustained, however isnt uncommon for it to be a write off, think alot of track bikes are made from write off's instead of good useable road bikes. 2nd question, a V5 is only any good if you intend to MOT the bike for daylight hours, if not, then it isnt a big deal, again alot of track bikes have no V5, you can however buy it then get a V5 from the DVLA.(i know you can do this with cat 'C' cars so guessing bikes are the same) 3rd question, as far as being stolen is concerned, you can get the VIN/chassis number off the bike and phone the DVLA/Police(i think) to see if it has indeed been nicked. Hope this helps mate. Ricky
  8. Should be there one of the days, see how it goes, been rather busy lately
  9. Looks very nice Dave, deffo the right colour scheme Whats she like to ride?
  10. R6Ricky

    R6 headers

    Hi mate, Id probably suggest fitting a Power Commander if you intend to change the full lot. And if your fitting the PC it would make sense to get it set up on a Dyno, just to get it perfect. Ricky
  11. Sounds good mate, you got your eye on 1 already? Sound mate, gonna keep it another month or 2 anyway.
  12. Haha ive got one, and believe me, she is slowly doing that very thing, bike is going, as are the 2 Jap cars so i can get a new house. Getting a tasty Porker 911 C2S to make up for the loss tho Missus doesnt know about this yet tho, so shoooooosh
  13. Hows tricks mate? Super rare cars, ecspecially in that spec Still waiting on its log book arriving so i can actually use it on the roads. When you fancy a wee bike run? Am dying to get the R1 out on 1 last jaunt before i part company with it.
  14. Its called working offshore And i am a finance junkie lol. And the Lotus wasnt trashed, it was in an accident, if you look at the pics before the crash, a think you'll see it was kept it mint condition I loooooooooooooove V8's, Brittish or American. Would love to buy a new ZR1 Corvette, but its way over my budget My mate had a V8 Rangie, he loved it, good cars, he traded it in for a new Supercharged Sport version last year.
  15. Also, wheres pics of everybody elses cars? I wanna see what you other bikers use as daily commuters, or weekend toys that arent on 2 wheels.
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