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  1. Adamo

    Bike Stolen :(

    Thanks, really appreciate it. The police have done their usual phonecalls to me about the plate-scanners, to no avail as of yet.
  2. Adamo

    Bike Stolen :(

    Was taken from outside of my house on the night of 27th (Feb 09) or morning of the 28th. It's red, the clutch lever was half snapped off (was about to fit a replacement), has a metal thing on the back for top boxes (and my Givi plastic plate attached).. the plastic around the headlight is slightly cracked due to coming off of it a month or so ago. Registration S544 RNT - it's datatagged too. This sucks.
  3. Adamo

    R125 Chain

    So just spray WD40 on it and rag it clean, then Castrol chain lube afterwards, evenly on the chain? I've yet to lube mine.. heh.
  4. Is the only reason for a flat tyre a puncture? My rear wheel was down when I got back from holiday and I thought perhaps someone had just let some air out.. but yesterday I pumped it up, seemed fine a couple of hours later so I went to the cinema, came back, all's well.. then in the morning the tyre was flat again. Balls. Could a lose cap on the nozzle-air-tyre-thing (yes, I'm a technical type, heh) be an issue? If not, I guess it's a new inner tube!
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