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  1. Thinking bout trying to get hold of a half decent trx 850. Was just wondering if anyones got one (or had one) that'll let me know what they thought of it in terms of everyday useability etc. And also and expensive common problems anyones experienced (so I can avoid them). Anyones opinion or help would be appreciated.
  2. Now all sold. cheers for all the interest.
  3. dont have a centre stand sorry mate.
  4. also lower fairings and a nose fairing and screen now available. Small cracks and marks here and there but perfectly useable.
  5. Yes I do have the rear hangers. not sure if they are the same as the ones on an fzr though.
  6. if im honest you would be better of finding a decent set from somewhere cos they arent brilliant.
  7. The tank I have has a leak. I have a set of side panels and a nose fairing in useable condition (few little cracks and marks) bike is D reg. still have a complete bike to get rid of. sorry to anyone who asked questions internet hasnt been working for a week or 2
  8. Yeah im pretty sure i do will have a look tomorrow if your still after one. had a lack of internet hence the late reply.
  9. Whole bike to break with no plastics (has side panels.) also a lot of other spare parts. Basically I bought the bike of a chap with the intention of building a streetfighter but ive been offered another bike with a bit of MOT left on it so I thought I may as well let everyone on here have first pick of the parts of the old one. Things will be sold at reasonable prices. (i.e. ridiculously cheap compared to a breakers) May sell as a complete project if someones interested all depends really.
  10. Ive got an fz600 and im unsure if my tank has a leak or if theres a blocked breather or vent. Im also unsure if the tank is single or double skinned. I assume that the pipe that comes from the front of the bottom of the tank is on overflow of breather pipe this pipe seems to seep petrol (or it could be condensation and petrol im unsure) I was wondering if anyone has had the same or similar problem. It was suggested that it was a twin skin tank and the drain was for condensation from between the skins. i.e if there was a hole in the inner skin then condensation and petrol would come out of the drain. any help would be appreciated.
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