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  1. Im taking the original tank into a place that said they would boil out the original liner and im gunna get it braised and sealed while its there so im guessing around 150 bucks but its worth it. Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks alot! i think i drove by this place while workin the other day!
  3. if the paint, chrome, gastank and all that are all in good shape and the bike is mechanically sound i would bet that it would be more towards the £800 to 1200 range. Also I dont know about out where you are, but in the states its generally easier to get more money when the weather is nicer so seeing how its winter here bikes are going for less (at least what ive seen on cl).
  4. Year? model? where are you from?
  5. Thanks for that but the tank seems to be the only thing not available on that site.
  6. I would really appreciate if you could check that out for me i wouldnt mind being able to get an extra gallon of gas... be like 50-60 more miles per fill. The guide has everything so please keep that in mind and ill try and supply what i can.
  7. Hmm that could make it a lil more fun and practical... if i get this tank situation sorted out i might have to bump that up a lil bit. the tank and front break pads are the only two things that really need any sort of messin with. If you need any scans or direction from the guide just let me know and ill try and hook it up. Also is there much of a difference between the two tanks on your bikes? i didnt know if the larger tank would work with the rx as im runnin low on options...
  8. yeah i know all about how rare it is... mine has something like 2k miles on it and i rebuilt the engine. I even scored a yamaha service center mechanics guide on ebay for 20$. ive only ever seen one or two gas tanks on ebay and i check at least daily... I really just wanna get this tank done so i can sell it. I really like it and with me on it (pushing 140 pounds) i was hitting around 50-55mph rev'd up fully, but i really want to move to something that i could put more of a cafe twist on. Also i saw that bikebandit deal but i cant justify spending 300$+ when i got the bike for 150$.
  9. Hey there, I have a 1983 rx50 with low miles. I picked it up off a guy who got it from a guy... long story short the thing looks mint but has obvious signs that it was left sitting since 83. I got the thing rebuilt when one night my entire house starts smelling of gasoline. I go out and luckily my toolbox was open and fairly empty as the tank decided to give out and fill up the box with gasoline. I had resealed the tank with a KBS coating kit and had used some JB Weld on the sides prior to the failure and decided to get a friend to help weld it up. I got it back and decided to start removing (or try at least) the tank sealer with some methylene chloride based stripper and was rinsing it out with some water when numerous holes sprang loose with water. My question to you guys is this... Any idea where I could pick up a used tank for this bike? I don't want to drop much more into it as I was using this as a learning experience as my first bike and first rebuild. The whole experience was great and has made me want to move to a bigger 4-cycle bike but I got to get this done and off my hands before that can happen... Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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