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    FZR400 3TJ with FZR600 engine, XJ600 hack, FZR600 foxeye remains in boxes.

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  1. Sorry Scott, the headers are on my hybrid. Alex.
  2. Hi, Sorry, pillion seat cover long gone, if you mean the plastic that is rather than the seat itself. I do still have lots of parts left, seems I can't even give it away! Alex.
  3. If you have two round headlights, it will not be a 3TJ but an older model, probably a 3EN. A lot of FZR4 owners hang out over at the 400 Grey Bike forum, come on over and have a look. There should be lots more info on your bike. Alex.
  4. Hi, Sorry, all parts requested have gone. Forks were good, but sold. All fairing panels (except seat unit) were scrap and long gone. Petrol tank was bashed and not really any good, gone to the scrap yard. Alex.
  5. Sorry Andrew, the ECU along with all the electrics are in my 400! Alex.
  6. The immediately obvious differences are the styling and the brakes. The styling looks more modern on the Diversion, with a trapezoidal headlight rather than the square light of the XJ6. The styling of the XJ6 is very '80s and the Duversion very '90s. As for the brakes, the front brake on a UK spec Diversion is a single disc and the XJ600 a twin disc setup. An XJ600 is here:- XJ600 Pic And a Diversion is here:- Div Pic Alex.
  7. Sorry, the engine is in my 400! Alex.
  8. Hi Robert, If you already have at least one set of european lights, you could make a good set with mine. The plastic mounting bracket is quite busted up, there is quite a big crack in the plastic and one of the lugs has been broken off. The glass of the headlights and the rest of that unit is in good condition without damage. Let me know if you are still interested and I'll take some pics. Alex.
  9. She's still a work in progress and always will be! But she goes like a Foxeye on steroids and handles like a 400!! Exactly what I was after, the power of a 6 with handling that the 6 could never even aspire to... Alex.
  10. I think that the lights (UK spec) have some damage, I'll have a look and see how bad. Alex.
  11. As you have the 1WG, with the engine cradle, any FZR6 engine will fit up to and including the Thundercat. The 3HE engine will bolt in and can use the same wiring loom and all electrics, although it is advisable to modify the loom to accept the 3HE CDI due to the lower rev limit. The Foxeye (4JH) and Thundercat motor will require more work and are best with the complete wiring loom from the donor bike. Then you get on to the question of exhausts. Anything can be made to fit with enough thought and fabrication.... Alex.
  12. Your project look like an interesting one! The 600 engine swap is a good idea, lots more poke from only a little extra weight. I don't know if the swingarm from a Foxeye will fit in the 1WG, it might do with some machining and fabricating. I can take some measurements if you like, just to see the viability. Alex.
  13. Hi Tom, The whole wiring loom (and engine) are in my 3TJ, so not for sale unfortunately. Alex.
  14. The seat hump is spoken for and the exhaust can/link pipe are too damaged by the crash. The standard headers are in perfect nick though. Alex.
  15. The Foxeye has a 160 tyre as standard, so that would not be a problem. But there will need to be some modification to the axle? I'm not sure how the tyre profile will affect the speedo, it's driven from the front wheel. Alex.
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