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  1. hi. yes i have changed the ht cap and ht coil(and lead) so if there is still no sprak what good is a new spark plug because a new one wont even spark if the ht lead isnt sparking. if i am wrong please tell me. someone i spoke to mentioned it could be the contact breaker points have closed if so how do i open them and do i need to take the flywheel off. if i do that will then require a fly wheel pulley i presume? are there different ones for different bikes or are they all the same? thanks james x
  2. hi i have a yamaha dt50 mx 1987 and have no spark. i have just rebuilt it and swapped the engine from another dt50 from the same year. is there anything that i could have blown or not connected correctly or forgot to wire. hope someone can help me thanks . jamesx
  3. how do i fit a throttle cable onto a yamaha dt50 87 i have the cable to do it but im just not sure how to fit it anybody who knows just leave a comment
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