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    FZS 1000 Fazer. extras (in order of usefullness) heated grips, vario screen, rear hugger, fender extender, renthal bars

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  1. yes it is the Fazer 1000... I don't think Yamaha fitted imobilisers to them did they?
  2. I wonder if anyone has come across this problem before? My bike was dropped by thieves (may well have been at a fast walking pace) onto it's left hand side. It stayed that way for 15minutes or so until the Police arrived and picked it up, pissing petrol down the road as it was. When I came home the following day I ripped the top yoke off and stripped the broken ignition lock down to get it so I could ride it. My brother and I cobbled it back together and the fuel pump and ignition circuits energised as it should do but I had no spark. I took off the tip over sensor and gave it a gentle rattle and the ball inside seems free - indeed while doing this the tacho reported it as faulty as it should and when I replaced it the tacho showed no faults present so I think the tip over sensor is not to blame for the no spark. The clutch, side stand and kill switches all seem to work ok. Surly being dropped shouldn't stop it running? I'm baffled as to why it will spark no more and any suggestions of help would be most appreciated
  3. I've just had to insure my Fazer to avoid getting the £100 fine for no insurance. What really, REALLY grates is the fact that some scrotes tried stealing it the other night (bust steering lock and dropped it when disturbed wheeling it down drive) rendering it useless. Yes my bike won't start and I can't afford to mend it right now but have had to pay to get it insured....when I tried to sorn it the Gov web site said I didn't need to but I soldiered on thinking the site had yet to updated and then I thought it said I'd have to surrender my tax disc if I sorned it. I lost my rag and got the insurance, only £90 tpf&t but that would have bought me a couple of hours fault finding at the dealers....
  4. It sounds electrical to me... are you getting a apark?
  5. Nope! I've never seen mine move - other than stood in traffic on a very hot day, then it went to 100 and fan came on. This is only a distant memory though, it's been 3 months since I saw my bike let alone swung a leg over it. Waiting for a new clutch to arrive, now. Shims were ok so not all bad news from my mechanic type brother.
  6. bit o both. Well a lot of water cooling n a bit of oil.
  7. The latest idea is that the oil cooler might cooling the whole sytem too much. . .
  8. If I was you I'd get a haynes manual and budget for spending at least a day taking carbs off and to bits and then back together again if you use the bike as your only transport.
  9. You have to take carbs off and take em to bits to look at the jets and needles, which may have been changed from standard to suit an aftermarket exhaust system!
  10. I would prefer a shaft drive. BMW's are like clits. The new Multistrada is awesome but with chain drive. Varaderos are chain drive too.
  11. It'll be a while, but I'll post here asap
  12. Your bike sounds exactly like mine. . . Mine has new thermostat and coolant which didn't make a blind bit of difference. My mechanic brother doing my shims as we speak! They're a royal pain if your have no patience. . . like me. I didn't put new plugs in cos I thought they looked ok but now I'm gonna get new plugs and jets to see if that helps matters, Thanks Pilningas
  13. After a motorway cruise what does your temp gauge say? Mine gets like yours unless I block off radiator with a bit of plywood!
  14. Oh well. I think they look great and I'm gonna test ride one asap. . . :D :D
  15. XT1200Z Super Ténéré Anyone else want one? I know I do Wonder if it will be cheaper than the B M W
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