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  1. cheers mate will do, chain tension check yesterday and all was fine the other thing I can try I suppose is to take the sprocket cover of and give it a good clean. Cheers Stu
  2. Hi All, My 02 600 fazer has just gone past the 60000 mark and has developed a couple of issues, first of I now have an annoying knock from the top end which several garages have said not to worry about as they are just wear noises and this week gear change has gone stiff but only changing up not down. with regard to the gear box does anyone have any idea what could be the cause and is it an easy fix. Cheers Stu
  3. well got to Luton and squeal returned on the M1, i am pretty sure it is not the bearings this time as i am not getting and judder through the brake lever & handle bars when i slow down which was happening before, how ever when i got to Luton i had a look at the rad and when sitting on the bike on the left hand side bottom pipe there is white corrosion which to me would indicate water leak......................is this a correct assumption? If there is a air lock in the rad not sure how it got there without 1-the bike going on it's side or 2- not being carfull when changing the coolant again neither of these have been done recently, the coolant is coming up for a change and the last time i dropped the bike was 2 years ago in the snow when my foot slipped. ok final question if it is the speedo sender how would i know as the actual speedo needle is smooth when going along? Cheers Stu
  4. Hi All, well bearings from ebay arrived and are fitted to the bike got them from this link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/130430691050?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 and yes i know they are cheap but figured i have nothing to lose, took the bike out for a long run today and no squeal, going to luton on tuesday so will see how they fair then. In answer to your question the bike has done about 35- 40k, i checked the discs as i first thought this was what was causing the squeal but could not see any problems from these, however when i got the bearing out i did find that one of them was a bit rough and not as free running as the other when i spun then. I have had a look at the radiator and think i will need to change it soon as it is looking a bit corroded but there are no signs of leaks so going to leave that alone for the mo. Cheers all for your help Stu
  5. Cheers all, i changed the bearings about a year and a half ago, but since losing my job in china i now do high milage so they are not the original bearing now but will try. Thanks for all you comments. Stu
  6. good point, they are supossed to be sealed bearings, i have just ordered another set of flea bay to be on the safe side i was wondering if there was any thing else that could be causing the same noise. I don't think it is my brakes catching as when i get to the end of my journey the discs are only slightly warm and not roasting hot to touch! Cheers Stu
  7. Hi All, I have started to get a squeal from the front of my FZS600 (2002) from about 40mph I have checked my front wheel for any play in the bearing and there is none so at the moment i am stumped. Does anyone have any idea where i could look next? Cheers Stu
  8. Hi All, My 2002 FZS600 (foxeye)has started to get a small noise from the top end which i thought was the valves, I had a mechanic come and listen but he said it sounded like it was the cam chain and that i probable need a new tensioner. The bike has only done approx 27000 miles on a general 60 mile round commute, is this normal for the tension to need replacing at this milage and also when should i condider getting the cam chain changed. Finally does anyone know where i can get one from as other than yamaha? and is it a big job to change the tensioner? Cheers Stu
  9. Sorted last night, back the chain off no problem now cheers for the replies. Looks like i will be replacing the chain in the next few weeks as well. Cheers All. Stu
  10. Just been out for another ride during my lunch break, noise is still present, however, if i have over adjusted my chain could this be the problem as i have just noticed that my chain seams to have gone tight from when i checked the adjustment yesterday?
  11. Hi All, I am getting what can only be described as a rubbing/binding noise on my 02 FZS600 this is more evident around the 15-20 mph, i think (but not sure as i know noises can transmit through the frame) from the front end. I have recently replaced my front wheel bearings and have checked these and there is no movement, i keep thinking it might be my brakes rubbing but after a 30 mile ride to the office both front discs and rear discs are cool to touch and wheels spin freely. the bike has been parked up all weekend in my garage so the only thing that has changed from last week would be the added chain oiler (homemade) and my chain adjustment both sorted out yesterday evening. My bike is coming up to its 24000 mile service and valve check so i fully intend to strip the brakes and clean them then but this noise has got me thinking i should be looking for the culprit somewhere else!!! Cheers in advance Stu
  12. Well fitted my replacement bearings today, took the bike out for a quick half hour ride and everything feels nice and smooth now no vibration when braking just feels very smooth so replacing the bearings seams to have cured my problem. Cheers everyone for all your help
  13. cheers, got to work today and have had colleague hold the back of the bike down so that the front wheel was off the floor and made sure the hadle bars could not move, this time i found a small amount of play in the front wheel bearings. so have ordered and guess i will be replacing them as soon as they arrive then i shall see how the brakes feel. Cheers all for your advice Stu
  14. cheers all, nope did not need new pants but it did come close, regarding the head stock bearing, i have tried to see if there is any play in these and cannot feel any, also tried to see if there was any play in the front wheel bearing but being new to this not sure how any play in either the head stock or wheel bearing would feel? regarding the discs warping would this not present it self entirly through the brake lever???????? oh the bike is used in all weathers the only time it has been layed up was when we had the snow couple of weeks ago! stu Sorry forgot to mention that it is an '02 FZS600 Fazer with around 19000 on the clock.
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