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    :lol: LMAO :lol: the fox actually does look shit scared there!!
  2. :o :o I'm just about getting 65MPH.. Mine is the fuel injected one no carbs to mess about with, i guess the carb'd one can be tinkered around with..
  3. Axo assen jacket - £40 busters the same akito's as you - £10 busters rst cobravent helmet - £30 busters vented gloves - £free mates shop red coyote (cheap sh*te company) boots - £25 mates shop got a bit more money, then got the rst rift textile, and pants for £50-60 from fleebay!
  4. hey there, to the site.. nice choice of bike, i have a ybr125 myself, been on her for about 10 months now.. i just about (on a good day, with no wind, going downhill, on a full stomach) get around 65mph out of her.. im a slim guy, and not heavy at all, getting 60mph for me is as far as it would go!! 4 stroke 125cc bikes, arent fast.. period.. regardless, ybr 125 is the way to go for a learner bike, easy to handle, and no worries if, in a worst case, is dropped, cos the stiff footpegs take most of it! source: having dropped it myself, due to a drunk pedestrian, and a wet road! hope this helps.. any questions, post them up, im sure somebody would be willing to help.. uzi_999
  5. fair play, i apologise for using words like that.. didnt know it would be offensive to people, if i decide to insult myself sorry anyhow, acid drop, believe, or dont believe, up to u mate.. i just felt it would be right to warn people about idiots who are on the fone, and decide to overtake moving buses.. im not going to turn around like a few ppl on online forums, and start insulting others, and just vanish from the forum altogether.. i find this a useful tool, and a nice online community, have recommended it to many many people.. id rather not argue and act like a twat who just is all talk - i would rather apologise and take the man way out; for all that i offended, i am sorry.. for your information, im an asian pakistani myself, and if it were to be read carefully, i was referring to myself.. once again, im sorry if this offended any other asians/non-asians on this forum, and i assure it will not happen again..
  6. what was wrong with what i said?? just curious not meaning to argue, but i sorry if it offended anybody.. and the wd-40 is a good idea.. might consider a spray-paint can instead
  7. [REMOVED] he has ROAD RAGE .. but its all for the right reasons.. them pedestrians (with baby prams/pushchairs, on 2 occasions) who seem to think that i can see through double deckers and trucks! them drivers who are busy having a domestic over the fone... or them bmw/merc/jag/etc. drivers who unecessarily take up both lanes whilst turning! Knocking windows with gloves was first, but thought it didnt have enough impact to teach 'em a lesson (breaking windows is out of the question - criminal damage and all that malarky) Then came along my signature wing-mirror-adjuster! About 3 mornings out of 5, on my commute to uni, London traffic!! slap mirror, and filter thru!! HAHA was great fun.. Became addictive after having chased a fat racer boy through stratford, to slap his mirror, and realise its one of them chavvy hard non-folding ones, and the look on his face as it broke off!! But today, found a new one! Must admit, accidently, in the heat of the moment. TW*T had decided to overtake a fecking MOVING BUS!! Okay, if its at a bus stop, understandable - Still, I dont give way, might do, if theres PLENTY of space But this TW*T overtook a moving bus whilst a fone was dug into the side of his fecking head, completely oblivious that theres an angry ill-tempered c*nt like me on a motorcycle!! Lucky nobody was behind me! Popped my horn for a good few seconds, he did his emergency stop, i did mine, and were head to head, and i did not move an inch!! HAHA, as the bus went, he tried to swerve around me, and came the mirror-adjuster.. but hey, something felt different, felt like the door handle!! HAHA, was pure genious, and a good laugh watching him in my mirrors!! driving down the road, door flapping around!! OMG!! pure kodak moment, serves him right tho! TW*T W*NKER B*STARD SILLY C*NT rant over
  8. but just noticed ure going to be getting a fazer600!! way to go! its my choice soon too (when funds permit for the DAS )
  9. hi there, is the bike properly warmed up, not sure about coughing and so on, but on mine there does seem to be a lag when the engine is cold, and this is normal (or so i believe).. it goes away after a few mins.. try checking the carb/air intake as mentioned.. hope this helps uzi_999
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    I need Advice!

    SHEEESH!! with a tank like that, the bikes very, errm, verrrry.. dodgy!
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    congrats goff!! wish u and the hubby all the best!!
  12. I got one of those!! for £45 from fleabay!! end of line factory stuff.. barwell, i bet urs has both loops (for the lining to fasten to) in each sleeve..
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    Yup, spot on, its the no to bike parking fees ppl.. been to EVERY single demo theyve had!! clicky but every since the site had some problem, i havent managed to get onto it people are telling me it works now, but it dont seem to work for me.. Thanks buddy!
  14. Would love to help, but id imagine my taste and her taste in music was wwwwaaaaayyy too different I would probably suggest something like my heart will go on by celine dion, and how do i live without u by that other chick! names slipped my mind!! *edit: leanne rhymes (knew itld come to me)
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    any groups down by london? (there must be ) gonna take a browse around the weboste for details.. thanks
  16. Well, i dont drink , but the camping and the fire bit WILL be done sometime soon (when funds permit) - going to take a few local riding buddies with me.. Yup, was the one in woburn! (they dont stock anything else, but triumph branded goods) was coming down the A5 and starving and needed the toilet!! Stopped at a layby to stretch my legs and relax for a few mins, and seen a quite a few ppl pulling up, and pissing over in the bushes!! was tempted, but thought, naaaaa! Promised myself that i'd get off at next junction, and found the Triumph shop.. Wanna say thanks for taking the time to look thru the pics
  17. Did i see that on dragon's den, or am i imagining things
  18. sheesh! a bit of lightheartedness wouldnt go amiss sorry
  19. I put it into my tour!! been and got back, was a nice journey learnt MANY things, and is such an experience!! Had a good time - took the A5 straight up, due to leaving on Sat rather than Friday.. The original route up, as mentioned in previous posts was actually scrapped, as i was okay with the A5 all the way.. had a few pitstops!! Nice easy cruise at 50MPH (well, that all it could do all loaded up with luggage) The journey up was LOVELY!!! Had a good ride on Sunday - was with a biker mate who goes to the same uni in london, he happens to live in b'ham though, so gave him a call - went around Meriden and Warwick!! Coventry!! Been around Meriden and them country lanes in my car quite a few times, BUT a TOTALLY DIFFERENT experience on two wheels.. Same as riding thru St. Albans, the A5183 that goes up there, its like a nice windy (whine-dy, not win-dy ) road, shaded off by trees!! BEAUTIFUL!!! Didnt really appreciate it in the past driving thru in a car! Journey back - it started to PISS down on Monday!! Stopped at a friendly carwash place in the middle of nowhere!! Had waterproofs - stopped to wear them but rain stopped and the sun came out stupidly bright (or so i thought) - so im riding along, and all of a sudden, it comes back with a vengance!! No where to stop for a good few miles!! Took quite a few fotos, uploaded to my facebook profile - CLICKY..
  20. heres a few pics of my build, for inspiration.. the pipe runs from the pillion footpegs - the rear rack was removed, and the pipe runs thru the hole left on either side of the seat.. mouted on where the footpegs were, and the top end mounted where the rear rack was mounted.. it needed a little squashing to get under the seat tho, but fairly strong.. this is the back of the cases: the back of the cases - i have riveted an 'n' shaped bracked (or upside down 'u' shape), and this fits into the pillion grabrail.. theyre spaced out as wide apart as they can be, yet still get onto the grabrail - so its a snug fit.. in between the brackets, down low, you will see a hole, this hole lines up with a hole on the chrome pipe, bolt from the outside, and a wing-nut on the inside, removing is fairly easy, but sometimes awkward as the contents need to be removed first.. ive just kept them stuck on, been just about fine going thru traffic! its shorter than the mirror-to-mirror distance!! only 8 litres each, but works well for me - without adding on too much weight, and maintaining the ability to filter thru the london traffic!! hope this helps somebody and if anybody happens to be in/around east london, gimmie a shout if you'd like to see them in person! Ive decided to use vanity cases, from fleebay! theyre not too tough, but good enough for my tour, which i just got back from yesterday!! pics of my tour over on facebook! (clicky)
  21. could offend some, but nevertheless bet everybody would have a good laugh at it!!
  22. uzi_999

    tax in post

    from what im told, u can.. as its all on a centralised database.. BUT im not sure, so pretend this post doesnt exist
  23. them particular ones were custom fabricated, but there are options available - but a bit too expensive!! you caught me at the right time, as im going on my first tour on saturday, ive got 1 day to fabricate a pair of panniers.. look out for my post when im done! (knowing my projects, id just recommend a pair of "givi monokey" cases - try busters/m&p for the racks) and must say, ybr125, perfect 1st bike!!
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