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  1. uzi_999


    :lol: LMAO :lol: the fox actually does look shit scared there!!
  2. :o :o I'm just about getting 65MPH.. Mine is the fuel injected one no carbs to mess about with, i guess the carb'd one can be tinkered around with..
  3. Axo assen jacket - £40 busters the same akito's as you - £10 busters rst cobravent helmet - £30 busters vented gloves - £free mates shop red coyote (cheap sh*te company) boots - £25 mates shop got a bit more money, then got the rst rift textile, and pants for £50-60 from fleebay!
  4. hey there, to the site.. nice choice of bike, i have a ybr125 myself, been on her for about 10 months now.. i just about (on a good day, with no wind, going downhill, on a full stomach) get around 65mph out of her.. im a slim guy, and not heavy at all, getting 60mph for me is as far as it would go!! 4 stroke 125cc bikes, arent fast.. period.. regardless, ybr 125 is the way to go for a learner bike, easy to handle, and no worries if, in a worst case, is dropped, cos the stiff footpegs take most of it! source: having dropped it myself, due to a drunk pedestrian, and a wet road! hope this helps.. any questions, post them up, im sure somebody would be willing to help.. uzi_999
  5. fair play, i apologise for using words like that.. didnt know it would be offensive to people, if i decide to insult myself sorry anyhow, acid drop, believe, or dont believe, up to u mate.. i just felt it would be right to warn people about idiots who are on the fone, and decide to overtake moving buses.. im not going to turn around like a few ppl on online forums, and start insulting others, and just vanish from the forum altogether.. i find this a useful tool, and a nice online community, have recommended it to many many people.. id rather not argue and act like a twat who just is all talk - i would rather apologise and take the man way out; for all that i offended, i am sorry.. for your information, im an asian pakistani myself, and if it were to be read carefully, i was referring to myself.. once again, im sorry if this offended any other asians/non-asians on this forum, and i assure it will not happen again..
  6. what was wrong with what i said?? just curious not meaning to argue, but i sorry if it offended anybody.. and the wd-40 is a good idea.. might consider a spray-paint can instead
  7. [REMOVED] he has ROAD RAGE .. but its all for the right reasons.. them pedestrians (with baby prams/pushchairs, on 2 occasions) who seem to think that i can see through double deckers and trucks! them drivers who are busy having a domestic over the fone... or them bmw/merc/jag/etc. drivers who unecessarily take up both lanes whilst turning! Knocking windows with gloves was first, but thought it didnt have enough impact to teach 'em a lesson (breaking windows is out of the question - criminal damage and all that malarky) Then came along my signature wing-mirror-adjuster! About 3 mornings out of 5, on my commute to uni, London traffic!! slap mirror, and filter thru!! HAHA was great fun.. Became addictive after having chased a fat racer boy through stratford, to slap his mirror, and realise its one of them chavvy hard non-folding ones, and the look on his face as it broke off!! But today, found a new one! Must admit, accidently, in the heat of the moment. TW*T had decided to overtake a fecking MOVING BUS!! Okay, if its at a bus stop, understandable - Still, I dont give way, might do, if theres PLENTY of space But this TW*T overtook a moving bus whilst a fone was dug into the side of his fecking head, completely oblivious that theres an angry ill-tempered c*nt like me on a motorcycle!! Lucky nobody was behind me! Popped my horn for a good few seconds, he did his emergency stop, i did mine, and were head to head, and i did not move an inch!! HAHA, as the bus went, he tried to swerve around me, and came the mirror-adjuster.. but hey, something felt different, felt like the door handle!! HAHA, was pure genious, and a good laugh watching him in my mirrors!! driving down the road, door flapping around!! OMG!! pure kodak moment, serves him right tho! TW*T W*NKER B*STARD SILLY C*NT rant over
  8. but just noticed ure going to be getting a fazer600!! way to go! its my choice soon too (when funds permit for the DAS )
  9. hi there, is the bike properly warmed up, not sure about coughing and so on, but on mine there does seem to be a lag when the engine is cold, and this is normal (or so i believe).. it goes away after a few mins.. try checking the carb/air intake as mentioned.. hope this helps uzi_999
  10. uzi_999

    I need Advice!

    SHEEESH!! with a tank like that, the bikes very, errm, verrrry.. dodgy!
  11. uzi_999


    congrats goff!! wish u and the hubby all the best!!
  12. I got one of those!! for £45 from fleabay!! end of line factory stuff.. barwell, i bet urs has both loops (for the lining to fasten to) in each sleeve..
  13. uzi_999


    Yup, spot on, its the no to bike parking fees ppl.. been to EVERY single demo theyve had!! clicky but every since the site had some problem, i havent managed to get onto it people are telling me it works now, but it dont seem to work for me.. Thanks buddy!
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