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  1. glad your bonding though, doing your own work can be very satisfying as you care more for your baby than anyone else can.
    If you can get those mesh covers on your seat, it should stop any pooling of water and hopefully keep you drier in the crotch area if that's what is happening

  2. if its getting too much oil, it'll never rev. the engine will 4 stroke as the plug fouls up.


    My friend had a aprillia RS125 and never revved it. brought it to me as it had no power and I just revved the arse off it out of gear till the plug cleared and it was good to go. you can't dawdle on those things, they are built to be anti social.

  3. The Yamaha Enticer is an entry-level cruiser motorcycle that was produced from 2002 to 2006 in India. 
    I've no idea how to comment as never heard the engine run, If yamaha service centre says its gone, then I would assume they would know.
    Looks like a similar engine would fit, but you would need the electronics with it too. Sounds like it's above your knowledge though unless you know a sympathetic motorbike tinkerer nearby.

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