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  1. 3 hours ago, DJYAM said:

    It's definitely clean, I have been through it multiple times. 

    This still doesn't explain the rich running, as surely if a jet was blocked, it would run ok with slightly bigger jets, to get the same amount of fuel, not huge jets. 

    but there's air bleed jets surely? if they are blocked, then it'll always be rich

  2. maybe your TCI has gone. have you ensured the earths are clean from the battery and to the engine.
    Switching on and off is the work of a simple contact set, that's why I'm looking at the TCI having issues.

    If you look on the TCI there is a TID number, try and borrow one of the same type to see if its that


    good look with the build

  3. 7 hours ago, Cynic said:

    Looking at cmsnl web site, very useful for this type of thing.


    You can see in the drawing the plastic part of the master cyl is moulded in place, or at the very least not designed to separate.

    It comes down to how original you want to keep the bike, there are many options, fitting more modern units to different models that do the job. Any xs, xj, fj, even vmax its a long list. They may look different but front brake master cyl is only limited by chosen style and the calipers they opperate.


    it also depends on the handle bar shape. American bars tend to have higher, curvier bars so there are shaped to meet those curves.
    TBH so long a the bore size is the same, you should be ok. try xs650 stuff off mikes XS

  4. I never forget undoing a cam cover bolt on the FZ using a ratchet ring spanner.
    going great till it hit the frame with no where else to go. had to cut the spanner with an angle grinder.


    I feel your pain

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  5. 4 hours ago, DJYAM said:

    It's not 2T.

    I have a bunch of jets already, just not below 100 as stated. 

    I assume a 100 jet in one carb would provide a different mixture to the same jet in another, due to air flow and carb design?

    I'm suprised its finicky then. 
    I'd still check timing, fuel height, valve clearance . before you start on different jets.

    BTW fuelling the top end still applies, get that right (over 3k) there' usually a transition around there from pilot 

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