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  1. 18 hours ago, Cynic said:

    Hmm, when I said expensive bits I didn't realise quite how far someone had taken it.

    This was a monster once. If only the last moron knew what he had. There is a good 7 to 800 quidsworth of go go goodies on this thing, the pipe is 200quid (for a scoot that's juicy) full circle all steel crank (150+) top end (160) considering a stock pot from the bay of evil is 30 quid with gaskets. Suitable crank bearings are c4 rated 20000rpm with fibre cages. Plus the uprated variator and clutch.

    All from the same firm, reading the technical its supposed to run fully synth premix (stock pump cannot cope), although in normal road work I think it will do, and a stronger drive belt

    Done right this thing is a rocket, a proper bullet. Brakes are monster too, front caliper is from the 125 (bigger caliper same disk).

    Considering the potential of this thing how did the morons who had it let it fall so far, it would have had god like status when I was 16.

    Yes I will be dialing the throttle back restricting the carb slide for her to get her early wobbles done with. The stock carb does hold it back. The blurb recommends a 24mm for all round performance or, get this a 28mm for racing.

    cool, think I put a bigger carb on too

  2. I did up an SR50 for a friend. wasn't cheap and cost her £450 in parts, but it had a new head on and a tuned pipe with lighter rollers to hold the power.


    Didn't arf fly, think they just tucked it back in the garage which was a bit of a waste 


    2012, some time agao

  3. On 10/21/2019 at 11:29 PM, bippo said:

    Thanks Paul!

    Drewps - when are you guys doing your trip? are you going with Tommy? You’ll have a fabulous time without a doubt! It’s given me a good taste for it, can’t wait for another adventure.

    2nd August more or less got the route planned.

    just need to firm things up next week and confirming with the guy’s 

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