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  1. Andy, you frequent Rivvy at all?
  2. I did think carb, but the browser had a fit and wouldn't let me post. As its the works PC sometimes the photo doesn't appear.
  3. David can you ask the Q’s in garage etc as this is just for introductions mate
  4. Def got 21st booked off for getting down there. soon as we get a location let me know and message Steve & co
  5. this section is for welcome from new members. thread locked
  6. good to know, I have xt225 pistons ready for my overbore on the xs400. 1mm below deck but running a supercharger so need lower compression
  7. topic closed, this about forum issues not bike issues
  8. drewpy

    Hi all

    Welcome hny
  9. drewpy


    please start a new thread, this thread is 9 years old
  10. spoils the ride, I want to get away from life not bring it in. would be a weight penalty I would think
  11. this section for welcomes only, so there
  12. drewpy

    Site back up

    thanks Alex, top job
  13. universal Japanese motorcycle
  14. sounds (sic!) good, may upgrade sometime next year. I had to change the horn on my Qashqai as it was really embarrassing, twin horns did the trick
  15. Alex, great UJM there, N being the naked variety
  16. Andy T, great bikes although I like the YPVS ones Mostly 4T for me atm but would like a 2 smoke
  17. any news on the B&B get another from Bristol, Dave they want a room ;)
  18. yay, I'm in. My mate Steve is coming too. what's the name etc of the B&B nearby?
  19. wider tyres make it harder to turn, that's why racers started knee down corners and the old timers stuck with using tucked in methods ( I may be wrong though) I keep with the stock tyres on the FZ but have gone a slightly wider rear on the TDM, i dropped the steering angle and kept the front aspect ratio for easier tipping in. if your just doing a bar hopper type thing, it won't make a bit of difference
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