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  1. drewpy

    2019 NEC bike show.

    equal opps, treated the same as everyone else
  2. 2nd August more or less got the route planned. just need to firm things up next week and confirming with the guy’s
  3. Brilliant bips more or less doing what you have except Italy
  4. That’s good news. I’ve put new brake lines in mine and will need front pads ready for Germany next year. Globnocker pass , rheinbeck falls in Switzerland and routes ballons in Voges.
  5. don't beat yourself up too much. Once the carbs are sorted it'll be fine
  6. Not too bad and everything seems to be there looks a good project
  7. And Elvis, not heard of him in a while, even quiet on Facebook
  8. Don't feel so bad, its still a bike (abet a big mofo) glad your enjoying Europe pre Brexit.
  9. welcome back. only the other day I was thinking we'd not heard from you in a while. Still look at the xs engine you picked up for me from Aberdeen to remind me.
  10. welcome Gaz, I'm familiar with your namesake, Camping Gaz. French you know
  11. nice, we're going in August but let me know how it goes and any tips to visit and the alps too. Have fun
  12. drewpy

    Hardest day.

    mine have done all their uni stuff now. luckily they stayed in Manchester and thus home. Oldest is fleeing the nest to live in Denmark in December so that's going to smart.
  13. certainly on the TDM, piece of cake on that
  14. planning a route to Germany and the black forest. does anyone have must see places to visit/stay on the way there. Was thinking going into Italy for the passes too. Got 10 days and landing in Zeebrugge or Rotterdam via Hull ferry cheers
  15. drewpy

    Decent day out

    great stuff, great photos
  16. drewpy


    I'd try Hagon or central wheels in Brum. If central don't have it I'm sure that they know someone who would
  17. drewpy

    Time has come...

    I suppose your right to let it go, but what about those days where you just want a blast on C and B roads? The FZ lacks what the TDM has but bloody hell its ace on the twisties and I come back buzzing from the ride.
  18. Try and use super unleaded unless in Scotland parts of wales and West Country. It tends to be no ethanol fuel although some garages won’t tell you.
  19. You ok John? nice to hear from you again yamagod
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