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  1. I stuck a spin on filter adapter to the fz600 the filter is exposed but helps with cooling and need to be careful of clearing the downpipes
  2. drewpy

    ABBA Superbike lift?

    I have an ABBA copy they are ok but for daily stuff tend to use paddock stand although it would be useful for suspension servicing
  3. what about a cycling tail pack? might have to adapt it, but might do the trick
  4. wow, 50%, must try that next
  5. looks great, love new stuff. bike porn
  6. drewpy

    Biker down course

    not as yet, see what they recommend on this course
  7. what's with the micro peening, does it just case harden the steel?
  8. drewpy

    Biker down course

    I'm now looking at Bike safe course now. https://www.bikesafe.co.uk/ Only £35 for a day and they assess your riding and offer tips. run from Fire stations but use police riders.
  9. Just done a biker down course and learned a great deal about first aid for bikers and scene management. they also showed a vid on why we have smidsey just thought I’d share it
  10. looks very similar to my fz600 head
  11. welcome Stu, post questions in classics or workshop, I'm sure they'll be answers
  12. looks great, I had mine vapour blasted, much easier :)
  13. I have my microfiche but really bought it to justify the PDF I have in case anyone starts getting silly.
  14. original exhausts are like hens teeth, took me ages to find mine and then one was a 3N6 model which was slightly different. try RS chrome in Oldham, they did blackhats KH pipes and they came out alright.
  15. drewpy

    Passing of a legend.

    the same mate, was chatting on FB. Can't believe anyone would take the legend that was his SR125. We all remembered him doing 80 downhill on one of our ride outs. Anyone have an old 125 knocking around that could be donated?
  16. drewpy


    both bikes passed the MOT last Tuesday, but waiting till march to tax the TDM . Fz still looks great and went for a bimble as I've not ridden for 7 months due to me operation. Not lost the knack though :)
  17. sorry to hear that John, great bloke too.
  18. Sounds like you have a handle on this. I can’t help with the cases as I thought the 600 was directly related to the 550, whereas the 650 is different
  19. is this still happening? could do with an update to keep the juices flowing
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